Aran, now available in KMS

Official Promotional Video of Aran

Aran has been officially released on the 9th along with cash trade and events.
On the mini website of Aran ( there are several events:

There is a level contest for Aran:

  • The first 10,000 people to reach level 30 will be eligible to receive 5,000 Maple Points
  • The first 2,000 people to reach level 50 will be eligible to receive 10,000 Maple Points
  • The first 500 people to reach level 70 will be eligible to receive 20,000 Maple Points
  • The first 100 people to reach level 90 will be eligible to receive 50,000 Maple Points

There is another event, which is Lilin’s Ring. You need to level your Aran to level 70 to get the ring:

+3 STR/DEX/INT/LUK, +30 HP and MP and 3 W.ATK/M.ATK.
The ring is not tradeable and you cannot use Scissors of Karma. Although you can put it in storage and give it to your other characters on your own account.
This is the strongest ring in the game at the moment. You can get this ring till December ’09.

Cash Trade was implemented in this patch, but all existing Cash Shop items cannot be traded or sold.
You have to buy new Cash Shop items in order to trade or sell them.

So, Aran was released along with Rien and quests. You can search ”Aran”  for information about this job.
Don’t forget to check my YouTube channel, there are many Aran videos and other videos that happened in KMST as well.

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9 Responses to Aran, now available in KMS

  1. Awesome says:


  2. Garciat says:

    The promotional video looks like Zelda: Wind Waker.

  3. WTF?? says:

    Hi Spadow.
    Uh, I’m a little confused about the Cash Trade system.
    So the Cash Items that characters had before the patch/during the patch cannot be traded? But only C.Items that have been bought after the patch? And you can trade the Cash Items for meso/items and even nothing…so it’s basically just like trading a normal item? Or can you only trade cash for cash??
    Can you buy actual Cash or only Cash Items?

  4. ALIAS says:

    다르 New World ????
    How to read it in English?
    and the picture seclect world please.

  5. Atreyu says:

    Can Aran job characters wear warrior equips and hold warrior polearms and if that were the case I’ll start collecting items and polearm scrolls.

  6. Erik says:

    Do Aran characters have enough HP without washing to handle Pink bean? They are the only warrior without HP increase…

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