Tour of Rien

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Rien (리엔) is an icy snow covered area with very low temperatures located in a warm place due to the Black Magician’s curse.

More than half of the island is covered with snow and ice.
You will not see many humans in Rien, most of the inhabitants of Rien are penguins. So far the only known and accepted human is Lilin who belongs to the Rien clan

3 more days until the release of Aran! I’m tempted to create an Aran just because of Lilin’s Ring.

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13 Responses to Tour of Rien

  1. idos055 says:


  2. DoNotComplain says:


  3. Erik says:

    Wow, Rien looks really cool. It looks like it would fit in perfect in GMS if it came out when the Christmas events a removed, Like 4th job was (Crosses Fingers)’

    How good is the training at Rian for Aran players, It looked to me like there wern’t enough monsters on each platform were to get any good combos…

  4. Garciat says:

    I’m sooo gonna become a combo hoar when I get my hands on an Aran character.

    • Garciat says:

      [Since I can’t edit my post, I’ll reply to it]

      It’d be nice if you showed us the entire screen. We can’t see your level or the mini-map.

  5. Josh says:

    Rien looks awesome, but spadow, I have a question, On request can you make a video telling us which skills are important, what to raise on first, what should be maxed?
    that would be great if you could.

    • Erik says:

      Or Better Yet, If you made A guide. Even though I’m pretty sure I know which to max, I’m not 100% sure on what order to raise the skills in. Also, Can Aran have their own KOC? Thanks

  6. KSINDGA says:

    That town looks cool.

  7. UNI says:

    Is necessary exp in Cygnus same as Adventurer’s ?

    • Erik says:

      uhhhh…. What? Can you clarify what the “Necessary Exp” is?
      If you mean how much EXP needed to lvl, Yes, it is the same.

      Also, just in case you didn’t notice, this video is about the Aran race, not KoC…

  8. Siong says:

    Hi Spadow, thx for sharing, i wanna ask, is aran class wear warrior equips?
    I heard some said the equip cannot be traded to Aran, i am confused too, so can i buy pole arm and some accuracy warrior equips and save for Aran when it released? Thanks alot~

  9. NarutoMyth says:

    idos wat if ur first lawl

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