I was so close…

Yesterday on mazefind’s blog, I saw a screenshot of him with a combo count of 23,580.
I logged on the test server client and out of boredom I went to Roids in Magatia. I attacked them and quickly got 200+ combo counts.

I thought of mazefind’s screenshot and swapped my current polearm with a Lv. 10 polearm and well.. yeah.. see for yourself:

I was so close to 30,000…… T_T I was at 29,509 combo counts, so I dashed forward but no Roid was on the right side. I could have gotten 30,000 combo counts.. stupid mistake of me. But I’m glad with 29,015.

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12 Responses to I was so close…

  1. Alilatias says:

    Wow, that sucks. Good that you managed to get that high though.

    Isn’t there some kind of medal for having the highest combo in the server, or something like that?

  2. Spadow says:

    In the ”KMST V239 ~ Rien” post, there are 3 special combo medals.

    Combo Mania medal: 50 combos
    Combo Master medal: 200 combos
    Combo King medal: 500 combos.

  3. Erik says:

    Wow it must be pretty easy to get the Combo King Medal then, just get a lot of pots, a weak polearm, and high HP monsters.

  4. Josh says:

    Thats…… Beautiful. XD

  5. Rigumaro says:

    Kyo, how long did it take to reach that combo count? Because if Mazefind spent 5 hours on getting 23000+….

  6. Helios says:

    Wow , tha’ts insane ! How long did it take you?
    So you passed mazefind?

  7. Harsh says:

    I never imagined getting it passed 3,000. Thats just crazy.

  8. Chee Yi says:

    Really nice! That’s insane dude! Hope you can break the 30k limit. Good luck!

  9. VeryMast says:

    You got beaten by mazefind as he/she hit 30k combo.


  10. x3emoYX says:

    pro combo i never think of passing 1000 combo !

  11. NarutoMyth says:

    soo pro gl man get 30k+ im here for u GO GO xD anywayz when i juz started my GMS Aran i thought 500 was “OMFG THATS FO KIN HIGH IMA SUICIDE” but now im like fk i was so crazy be4 xD

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