Aran tutorial

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According to the prophecy, the Rien clan has been waiting for the Hero to return. Finally I have been awakened by the voice of this girl ..called Lilin, a beautiful ice-cold looking girl who belongs to the Rien clan.

Lilin told me that I was one of the heroes that fought the Black Magician hundreds of years ago, but the Black Magician was stronger than me.. and cursed me …

I was imprisoned and asleep in the ice for a very long time.. I lost all my memories and abilities.. Was I a hero? ..

Lilin told me she and the inhabitants of Rien would help me regain my abilities back.

The tutorial is really easy and simple to do, the main point of this is that you as the Hero that returned are able to regain your abilities back.
Lilin is the girl who is following you, this tutorial is very similar like the Cygnus’ one.
Click here for the Knights of Cygnus tutorial~

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8 Responses to Aran tutorial

  1. DoNotComplain says:


  2. Josh says:

    Omg Spadow!!! I totally couldn’t have figured that out myself, its in NO WAY similar to the other tutorials.
    Nice video. :D

  3. WTF?? says:

    A skin tone unique only to Aran??

  4. aran lvl? says:

    whats the LVL needed to make an aran?mail me plz cuz i wanna make 1!

  5. NarutoMyth says:

    u dont need a LVL to make a aran u juz make one 0_0

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