World Merge part 2

Aaaand here is part 2 of the world merge~!

  • Fleta
  • Galicia
  • Medere
  • Culverin

Just like i predicted, along with the world merge they will patch to ver. 1.2.77 today because of Aran. To add stuff from KMST to shorten the patch size for the upcoming July patch big update and this patch will bring us the preview quests and the teaser video.

This is not the complete intro movie:

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5 Responses to World Merge part 2

  1. Nessa says:

    Culverin’s icon looks different o_____o;; or is it just me?

  2. Helios says:

    Yea, it’s less Pixelated.
    It’s like a full version of it , unlike the other icons , they are just resized icons.

  3. Derf says:

    Hey. I quit kMS some time ago when it was still the maple leaf event. Have there been any patches or huge changes after that? I’d like to start again. I hope someone can answer.


  4. addictedtoms says:

    hey in the movie we see the minions wyvern and the minion skelegon
    at wath leafre is that scene taken?

  5. Man says:

    LOL! They are releasing Aran on my birthday!

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