MapleStory website revamped + Aran patch date revealed!

Yesterday there was a website maintenance from 01:00 ~ 11:00 AM, which was kind of suspicious but guess what? They revamped the whole MapleStory website and teased us with some Aran posters and the patch date!

To see the new design, go to the MapleStory website.

So, you’re wondering when is the Aran patch? July 9, 2009.

A special press conference for Aran by Nexon was held in Seoul.



Exclusive Aran posters (click on the thumbnails to see the original size):

This is the Aran intro scene, it’s not available in KMST, but this was taken from another client where only Game Masters/Developers have access to. I do not know if this is the complete intro scene.


If you’re looking for map objects/backgrounds of Rien, check this post.
Sorry, i couldn’t find a bigger version of this image, but you can clearly see that this area is covered in ice.
You see a maple character, but that’s for comparison. At the moment Rien is not available in KMST.

Aran’s strength will be powerful, at Lv. 200 they will have the strength of a Lv. 220~230 character.
But.. too much advantage or disadvantage for this job?

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15 Responses to MapleStory website revamped + Aran patch date revealed!

  1. Warphz says:

    Looks interesting. f3

  2. Frankie says:

    I think the high damage will be good and bad because well high hits are good, but not when you want to combo… Also, the vid looks great and I plan to add one of the posters as my background ^^ thanks kyo.

  3. Blammooo says:

    Nice stuff!
    Vacing in their promo video o_O
    Cant wait to try it.

  4. Alilatias says:

    Hm, wonder what’s with the bird… Guess we’ll find out soon.

    Releasing much sooner than I thought it would. The chances of this being a standalone faction (by that, I mean no other classes that use the combo system) appears to be near confirmed now.

    If that’s the official server release date, that means we should be seeing Lienne in KMST soon.

  5. Evan says:

    1.Whats with the bird?

  6. Evan says:

    2.Who is the lady with the scroll?

  7. WTF?? says:

    Does the Aran race receive a whole new set of weapons and armours, or do they share with warriors?

  8. namonaki majuu says:

    Higher damage = lower max HP. Dunno if it will be worth it, when it comes to fight against Pink Bean.

  9. MisFlapjack says:



    • No need for you to noe says:

      join the club <,< and u are so like my friend….using erm rather impolite words cant wait for aran like me and like to cap

  10. Warphz says:

    Well actually this class looks like, if it would be a good bossing class. ;)

  11. ShikiAsuka says:

    Hi Spadow, I had been reading ur blog for a few month, and i get a lot of info that not yet happen at MapleSEA yet. Yet, I wish I could be a Korean, cos all the latest update at KMS. I tell alot my freind got Knight Of Cygnus this class, but they not believe , now MapleSEA Finaly patch v0.75 that include KoC. I showing them ur blog, they said ur blog are awesome ! ^_^

  12. Shina says:

    Liar. I went on maplestory and i saw the Sign said:” Aran Events” i tried patch it though but it says an error so Aran patch is comming out on 12/10/09 at 7PM(Pacific)

  13. Carlo says:

    What i don’t get is its been almost a year and they haven’t even sent a release date for Europe am starting to think that Japan is getting lazy for Europe

  14. evelyn says:

    arans are socool. i have a level 53 one and she is great at mobs that swarm together. stupid drakes….

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