KMST V235/V237 ~ Aran is getting more complete…

1. Aran job skill changes.

  • Combo Tempest & Combo Barrier (Aegis Shield) only requires 200 combo counts instead of 300.
  • Combo Drain: 8% Drain nerfed to 4% Drain.
  • Combo Smash: Damage reduced.
  • Combo Peril: Damage increased
  • Combo Tempest: Number of attacks reduced.  (from 3 to 2)

2. The EXP distribution formula for hunting in a party has been changed.

Update: Continue reading this post.

New BGMs: (4 BGMs total, click on ← or → to change)

I really like the background music, very well composed. However, the area is not accessible.
Like the title says, Aran is getting more and more complete: changed NPCs, Aran is getting a similar character creation like Knights of Cygnus, new BGMs and more stuff!


Login screen changed (Tver 1.2.237):

Character creation has been updated for Aran:

You cannot choose your own skin color, it’s tan by default.

It will be easy to identify your Aran character as it will have this image behind your character.

성장속도 (Development) :
잠재력 (Potential) :
자유도 (Will) :

난이도 (Difficulty) :
최대래벨 (Max level)  : Lv. 200

New beginner equipment for Aran.

When your Combo Count is greater than 30,100 or 200, a menu  will display on the right side of your screen (Tver 1.2.237):

Combo Counter greater than 30:

Combo Counter greater than 100:

Combo Counter greater than 200:

Here’s a preview of how the hometown of Aran looks like:

This is part of the intro scene of Aran. I already uploaded a teaser video on YouTube.
But it contains more than the teaser video.

New NPCs:


”빅토리아 아일랜드로 갈 거면 말하십쇼.”
”아아, 졸려…”

거대한 폴암

늑대 우두머리
“늑대는 함부로 말하지 않는 법…”

파수꾼 늑대
”늑대는 함부로 말하지 않는 법이라고 대장님이 말씀하셨다.”

”예티는 보석 좋아한다.”
”예티는… 예티는… 어? 뭐라고 하려고 했더라?”
”예티는 슬프다. 예티는 도둑이 싫다.”
”예티 당신에게 고맙다고 말한다.”




피난민 세 명



”어서 모이세요!”
”서두르세요! 검은 마법사가 오기 전에!”
”검은 마법사가 오기 전에 모두 대피해야만 해요.”


주인을 기다리는 늑대

”아직도 녹지 않은 저주의 얼음 조각이다.”

메이플 운영자

피난민 means refugees. According to Wikipedia, a refugee is a person who flees to escape conflict, persecution or natural disaster. Now, let’s take this NPC:

…and compare with this NPC:

They look the same .. His dialogue in Ellin Forest says: Altair Camp is currently being protected by Athena Pierce and Pergen’s spells, but outside the camp, it is dangerous… but that does not mean we cannot explore new areas. That is the only thing we have left to count on

So they can explore new areas.. does that mean that they’re exploring Rien?  Helena’s dialogue (at the ship) says everyone has to hurry up before the Black Magician appears.

The refugees are located on this ship.

Medal Information

From now on, you can see how many and which kind of medals someone has.
To open your list, to see how many medals you have, you just press hotkey ; (Medal).

Medals are categorized as following: Basic / Job / General / Challenge / Event
Click on the thumbnails to see it in the original size.

A lot of new medals were added, but these are the most important.
All classes (Adventurers) can obtain these medals:

초보 모험가의 훈장
Beginner Adventurer’s Medal
HP: +50
MP: +50

주니어 모험가의 훈장
Junior Adventurer’s Medal
REQ LV: 30
HP: +100
MP: +100

베테랑 모험가의 훈장
Veteran Adventurer’s Medal
REQ LV: 70
STR: +1
DEX: +1
INT: +1
LUK: +1
HP: +150
MP: +150

마스터 모험가의 훈장
Master Adventurer’s Medal
REQ LV: 120
STR: +2
DEX: +2
INT: +2
LUK: +2
HP: +200
MP: +200

Something else that caught my attention was added in this patch:

Radio Off

Radio On

Maple Radio???

1209000.n0 어서 모이세요!
1209000.n1 서두르세요! 검은 마법사가 오기 전에!
1209000.d0 검은 마법사가 오기 전에 모두 대피해야만 해요.
1209000.d1 검은 마법사가 오기 전에 모두 대피해야만 해요.

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36 Responses to KMST V235/V237 ~ Aran is getting more complete…

  1. Nessa says:

    I like the music :) :)

  2. idos055 says:

    Woow! thats good BGM!
    i like them :)

  3. Pantaloon says:

    The music is so pretty.

    I’d turn on my sound for that.

  4. Helios says:

    I really like it. Lienne looks like a very good town , except for the ground , kinda ruins it.
    Thanks for posting all of these.

    • luckyten says:

      Sure is snow’s every where but the ground ??o.O funny hor. Thanks spadow for showing those things u rock!!!!!!!!!

  5. Frankie says:

    Wow, maples music always seems to rock. BUT THIS IS EVEN BETTER :3

  6. Alilatias says:

    Maple Radio… If it works the way I think it works, it’s going to be awesome.

    Anyways, it seems Athena is leading a few refugees around. Interesting stuff. They’re going to have to explain how they managed to travel and settle all over Victoria Island in the long run though, and how the other four job instructors (and the Knights of Cygnus, what the heck were they doing while the refugees were out traveling?) came into the picture. Especially what with the Dark Magician and all.

    Were there a few quests mentioning something about a huge war on Victoria Island? I don’t exactly remember…

  7. Frankie says:

    Lol maple radio, also cant wait till that rainbow cape effect thing you have comes to kms, it would work so well with my rainbow shirt;;

  8. WTF?? says:

    Do i hear a new best BGM of Maple?

  9. Warphz says:

    This looks so cool!

    And I’m looking forward to the Maple Radio!
    What will it be?

  10. AbysmalSeed says:

    Wow the BGM is nice. Keep it up Spadow, you’re doing awesome. I’m so excited to see how this progresses in KMS. Kinda weird that they’re adding so much. At least this job isn’t as noob friendly. Too bad us GMS players haven’t even got KoC yet. :O

  11. Anonymouse says:

    2. The EXP distribution formula for hunting in a party has been changed.

    Please elaborate.

  12. maplefreak26 says:

    lol the bgms don sound maplish anymore, it sounds so maple + mabinogi…..

  13. Erich says:

    Kyo, the chances that those refugees are exploring Lienne/Rien are low. Ever think that they are making another past area, considering it is young helena and that NPC from Altair Camp?

  14. Zarow says:

    Holy crap.. Can you please e-mail me the bmg?!
    That’s amazing stuff..

  15. Erich says:

    The thing is, Lienne/Rien isn’t IN the past, it is in the current maple world. And how would you improvise them getting from ellin to Past Lienne/Rien, they live in the trees. xd

  16. Protevs says:

    “Were there a few quests mentioning something about a huge war on Victoria Island? I don’t exactly remember…”

    Not only quests. If you see some episodes of the animé, they clearly state that it was a huge war on Victoria in the past.

    Read for more info.

  17. Avatar says:

    WOW that’s awesome *_*
    Can’t wait ’till it comes to kMS <3

  18. KartoonKid says:

    track 2, final fantasy crystal chronicle style xD. But its proper rpg music, nothing id expect from maple story, (Y)

  19. how says:

    HOW do i play this?

  20. xxpowerxx1qz says:

    Can someone explain the new EXP formula to me? I heard the first one was a total failure and it was reverted back to the original. Can someone explain to me about the new EXP formula?

  21. addictedtoms says:

    Lol u named ur char SpadowAran

  22. Erik says:

    Time to start guessing the GMS date… (January ’10 is my guess)

  23. addictedtoms says:

    Hey spadow wath happend to the 2nd pendant slot?

  24. Aslemn says:

    The town’s layout looks cool.
    But something got my attention while looking that,Ellin Forest is a time period town,its in the past,in the Prehistoric Era.
    And Lienne,is actually acessed from lith harbor,at the present.
    Helena in Lienne looks exactly like the Prehistoric one,but,in the present,she’s already adult,HOW COULD HER BE YOUNGER IN LIENNE,AND ADULT IN HENESYS,IF IT’S IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD AND IN ALMOST THE SAME PLACE?!
    This just became nonsense.

  25. Aslemn says:

    Unless the Whale gets past a time portal while swimming to lienne,the town is still nonsense.

  26. Yellonde says:

    What does “2. The EXP distribution formula for hunting in a party has been changed”
    mean? Please explain.

  27. MuckerFother says:

    great work Spadow!!
    pls email all the four bgm… those song rox..

  28. SumRandomGuy8 says:

    the release of Aran is December 9 2009

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