KMST V234 ~ Aran changes – Hometown of Aran coming soon…


The hometown of Aran called Rien will soon appear to the surface…
Continue reading and look especially at 4.

OK, what to start with!?

1.New skill icons (they renamed some skills.. ㅡㅡ;;):

infoicon 1st Job (1차) –

From left to right: Combo Ability,  Double Swing, Combat Step, Polearm Booster

infoicon1 2nd Job (2차) – 아란

From left to right: Polearm Mastery, Triple Swing, Final Charge, Combo Smash, Combo Drain, Body Pressure

infoicon2 3rd Job (3차) – 아란

From left to right: Critical Combo, Full Swing, Final Toss, Combo Peril, Rolling Spin, Smart Knockback, Snow Charge

infoicon34th Job (4차) 아란

From left to right: Maple Warrior, High Mastery, Over Swing, High Defense, Final Blow, Combo Tempest, Combo Barrier, Freeze Standing, Hero’s Will

1b. New skill and mastery books.



2. A new monster was added.

부하 늑대
Servant’s Wolf
LV: 150
HP: 400,000
MP: 400
W.ATK: 750
W.DEF: 1,000
M.ATK: 650
M.DEF: 1,100
EXP: 0

2b. New mounts added for the Aran job.

Lv. 50
Speed: 150
Jump: 120

Lv. 100
Speed: 170
Jump: 120

Lv. 150
Speed: 180
Jump: 120

Lv. 200
Speed: 200
Jump: 120

3. Tutorial images added for Aran. (This is similar to the Ereb tutorial)

4. New map objects/backgrounds added! CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO VIEW IT IN ORIGINAL SIZE!



Is this… Helena? …




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31 Responses to KMST V234 ~ Aran changes – Hometown of Aran coming soon…

  1. mazefind says:

    mazefind’s trackback :
    090612-20 : 스킬과 능력치 관련해서 모든 사항을 교체완료했습니다. 기사 내 내용까지 전부 수정 완료하였습니다(타 팬사이트엔 차후 올릴 예정입니다). 리스항구 관련하여 외국의 몇몇 유출이미지를 업로드합니다. 더 찾는데로 추가토록 하겠습니다….

  2. Taylor says:

    Not very WTFBBQ to me.

  3. Frankie says:


  4. WTF?? says:

    OMG!! New mounts, new map, this is gonna be epic!! Any info on when the KMS release will be?
    BTW how fast is that Lv200 White Wolf mount compared to Red Draco and Shin Jo?
    And how come the skills here are different to the one’s on ‘KMST X224 ~ Aran Changes’ (15may09), e.g. there’s no ‘Polearm Finish’…and will you be able to get damage and descriptions for the skills?
    Thanks man, I’ve been waiting so long for a new Aran update ^.^

  5. addictedtoms says:

    Spadow on the last picture it looks like u blurred something out of it???
    Wonder wath it could be

  6. Harsh says:

    Any idea about the new shop in Lith Harbor? The one near the Weapon/Shields Shop with the book and the magnifying class.

  7. Lumancer says:

    Good heavens, those new mounts are incredible O.O

    Many, many thanks Spadow, this is some exciting stuff!

  8. Alilatias says:

    Holy [censored], that’s some beautiful design right there, and I’m talking about just about everything. They REALLY put some work into this.

    Imagine if they also happen to be working on other Aran-type classes too! Holy crap!

    Helena/Athena Pierce being on that ship confuses the hell out of me though. I can’t come up with any plausible explanation for her being there other than Rien having a time travel past counterpart like Ellinia/Ellin.

    • Spadow says:

      I’m quite sure they will not release more Aran-type classes, 1 is just enough. I want more areas, not more jobs. I also think this will be the final and last job ever created.

      About Helena on that ship… yeah.. confusing.. ‘_ ‘

      • Alilatias says:

        New areas are always good too, especially with this type of area design.

        Come to think of it, there hasn’t really been a serious (and by that I mean fairly high level) new area revealed since Ellin Forest/Time Temple, hasn’t there? Just a bunch of classes and events.

  9. Manu says:

    This has nothing to do with Aran… XD
    The flag counter you have is like pageviews? like… I made the 8 from my country or there’s 8 people from my country that come here?

    • Spadow says:

      Sort of, it’s something i wanted to try out. It counts from the day i displayed the widget, which was a couple days ago.

      After your first visit they set a cookie, so that a visitor is only counted once.

  10. SOF says:

    Can’t i subscribe RSS in your blog?

  11. kewl says:

    from the look of it the map is great and i think we ride the whale from a sea to rien
    nice extracting spadow and u teach me how to extract?
    i want the mp3’s =P

  12. kewl says:

    so we are going to ride a big whale to rien? its my dream to play an ice warrior nice ^^

    btw spadow can u teach me how to extract? i beg u !

  13. xxpowerxx1qz says:

    Oh my god……. Those mounts are amazing. They should make that like a NX mount for us….

  14. luckyten says:

    Can u send me the link for tespia and how to cr8 an account I wanna try Aran myself XD. Plzzzszzz

    • Tikey says:

      Only registered Nexon Korea accounts are chosen randomly for each session of Tespia. Plus I highly doubt you can make a Nexon Korea account because they require a matching name and KSSN (Korean Social Security Number); trying to find one off the internet is identity theft, and is illegal.

  15. Spadow says:

    Every comment from now on that has nothing to do with this subject will be removed.

  16. Warphz says:

    This looks so uber awesome! :O
    I really can’t wait for 9th of July! D:>

  17. UAExThief says:

    Korean Ms has its 6th anniversary event right now
    and GMS has its 4th anniversary so maybe we must wait for two years for the ARAN job to be released : (
    (I Wish I had That Society Number To Register)

  18. dray says:

    i need sing up to kms

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