At last~

At last i managed to upload the Aran 4th Job video (click here to see it),
At last i managed to upload the Aran 3rd Job video,
At last i managed to get to Lv. 120 in Tespia,
At last, i finally got my Moonstar Chair,
At last, i got my Pink Been hat~

I finally managed to upload my Aran 3rd Job video.
I didn’t know where to show my 3rd Job Skills, and i was nearby Blue Kentauruses.
It was hard, i had to pot and manage not to lose my combo count.
4th Job video is already done, upload will be tomorrow~

-Click here to see the video in High Definition-

Finally, i got my Pink Been hat from this new event. You have complete either NORMAL or HARD mode to obtain the hat. Once you complete the two stages, you have to fight against a boss (it can drop chaos scrolls, 60% scrolls and potions),  if this Gingerman NPC has a lightbulb above its head, it can give you a flower, then you have to drop it near the chest and an orb will disappear.

There are 5 orbs, and i think you can get a flower every 12 hours, it took me five days.

The hat itself expires in a month. +_+;
At last, i got to Lv. 120 in Tespia and managed to fool around with it.
So far my opinion about it:

– Great class, combo system is a great idea for this Warrior-only class.
– Very fast in attacking, skills such as Double and Triple Attack and Full and Over Swing helps a lot!
– Not a lot of HP, due lack of the Improving Max HP Increase skill. At Lv. 121 i have around 5k HP, which is really bad for a warrior, because skelegons can attack me up to 3,500 damage.
– A con is, if you attack very fast you will most likely kill the mobs too fast thus you have to walk to the other side to kill the other monsters, but this will lead to loss of your combo count. So high damage , no no.

You see 56142 damage, which is caused by Tempest. At Lv. 121 with very poor equipment. Imagine in July.. when the Aran race will be released!

Do you remember this post? Cash Trading Room, a new feature currently in the test server. What can you do with it?

– Trade Cash items
– Sell Cash items in your shop

Although you cannot sell ANY cash item such as effects. But such things as pets, merchants, permits and clothes is possible.
Even selling Scissors of Karma is possible…

These cash items cannot be exchanged:
– Items you already used
– Items that cannot be traded to other genders
– Couple/Wedding rings
– Heart Chocolate items
– Cash star items
– Effects items
– Cash items you bought for 0 NX.

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16 Responses to At last~

  1. Harsh says:

    Looks fun to have the mobs jump, lol. Can’t wait till it comes out in KMS. It’ll also make it easier to get NX without using Paypal and such.

  2. DoNotComplain says:

    Wow,I’m shocked that you can sell Cash Items.It’s usually against the rules.

    • WTF?? says:

      The thing is that you can’t trade a NX that you bought with meso into the cash shop for Maple Points. So i gues that Nexon is bending the rules to get sone more greens in their pocket.
      Personally I think it’s great, I’ve been wanting cash but found it difficult, being from a foreign country to Korea.

      • DoNotComplain says:

        Being from Maplesea,I probably think that GMS wants your money so badly that it does things like that whereas in Singapore,the youth community just spends loads of cash for their Character as if it were no object and Asiasoft[Singapore’s MS distributor] in return,gets a lot of money while the people who distribute GMS do stuff to get more money and in turn,makes the game uncompassionate.

  3. Lumancer says:

    Spadow, what did you mean when you said “you cannot sell ANY cash item such as effects” ? I’m not quite sure what effects are… do you mean, double experience and double drop cards? Since pets, equips, permits, and such are OK to trade, I’m not sure what else might be excluded…

    • Spadow says:

      KMS does not have 2x EXP/Drop cards.

      With effects items, i mean items under the ”ETC” tab, for example that shadow effect.

      • WTF?? says:

        Spadow, does that include ‘Beauty Shop’ coupons?

        • Spadow says:

          You can sell and trade beauty shop coupons. I just tried it.

          I updated the main post with a list of things you cannot trade/sell.

          • WTF?? says:

            Awesome, and just making sure on something. How about the ‘PC Room’ (Internet Cafe) NX items, can those be sold?
            BTW I’m abit confused. So you can buy a cash item and then you can sell it again to another person, and can u trade it for Maple Points in the Cash Shop?
            Do you need a special item/skill to be able to trade NX?
            And lastly can you trade NX for items (use the Trade Window instead of NX Selling NPC System)?

            Thanks, great blog.

          • Harsh says:

            If I’m not mistaken, You don’t need a skill/ability in order to use the new trade (as they replaced the old one), you can trade mesos and items for NX items, you can’t trade it again after being traded (I think thats false), and you cannot trade them back into the cashshop.

          • Lumancer says:

            That certainly helps clear it up. Thank you Spadow! =)

  4. Shawneh says:

    Spadow, how can you get the Pink Bean suit? I have to hunt 20 stuff but I don’t know where they drop. =/

    • DoNotComplain says:

      Watch Skycombat’s latest video on youtube on the Pink Been hat/overall and read the comments.

  5. MisFlapjack says:

    How amazing…. @_________@

  6. Man says:

    Lol. 0:33 on the 3rd job video. 1337 damage.

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