Upload Failed: An unknown error occured.

I’ve been trying to upload my Aran 3rd job video for the last 5 days, and every day the upload failed, the error was unknown.
This really pisses me off, because this video takes nearly 5~6 hours to upload. (It’s around 506 MB large, and my upload connection isn’t that great)

At the community forums, nobody gave me an useful suggestion, damn YouTube!


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10 Responses to Upload Failed: An unknown error occured.

  1. Pantaloon says:


    I was looking forward to seeing the third job video.

  2. Murphy says:

    try using veoh or change file formate

  3. loupgarou says:

    use super convertor (which converts anything) to avi.

    using fraps, a 2 GB video can be converted to a 20mb or so for upload to you tube.

    • Spadow says:

      Thanks for your suggestion, but .AVI is really bad when it comes to sizes. I tried to render the same video and the result? 3,36 GB.

      .WMV is a better format, good quality and low size.

  4. IAngelial says:

    Hi Spadow,
    I use to have this same problem with big video files.
    What I did was let the video upload without putting in the details.
    I left the details untouched. Nvr added the title, the descriptions, the tags, etc..
    I just let it upload and it worked.
    Hoped it helped. =3

  5. NarutoMyth says:

    0.0 lulz idk man gl lawl

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