The Sun rises again…

It’s rare that i post something on my blog that isn’t about MapleStory, but i just saw and read about this and it’s really GREAT news to me.
Recently, it was announced at E3 2009 that Golden Sun DS will be the third game in the Golden Sun series.
A small trailer was released, but no additional information was given. This game is scheduled to release in 2010.

I’m so happy, after waiting 6 years the third Golden Sun rises up! I both played Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age and i really liked the gameplay and graphics of both games.


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7 Responses to The Sun rises again…

  1. Koppee says:

    Best news of E3 :D Everyone who hasn’t played this series go do it now! You’re missing out on one of the greatest new RPGs that isn’t named Final Fantasy __

  2. Manu says:

    AWESOME! I loved this series…. I wish I had a DS TT_TT

    I bet IsaacGS will be hapy lol

  3. Alilatias says:

    Never tried out Golden Sun before. I still have a DS, so I might as well start now by picking up the GBA games.

    As for that picture… Is that blood? Never thought of that reaction before…

  4. Vee says:

    I can die peacefully now XD
    I love the series! Although I haven’t beat the first one yet…planning to though xD

  5. Ciruel says:

    I’d have prefered if they had made it for the Wii instead of the DS. I think it has the potential to be as great as Final Fantasy. Any ways, I am happy they decided to make a new game for this Series, I hope it aint the last ones =]

    Now I just have to wait for Megaman Legends 3 and I’ll die in peace xD

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