KMST V229 ~ Cash Trading Room

New login screen:

MapleStoryT 2009-05-26 16-35-55-56

A new UI window was added in this patch, and it’s something new, the Cash Trading Room.
From what i see and read, it seems you can now exchange your own cash items for others or even sell them for meso.
Once you sold your cash item, you can’t get it back.

However, you can’t trade cash items in the test server at the moment, as far as i know.
Click the image to see it in the original size.

Monster changes:

폭주한 마하
LV: 140
HP: 3,000,000 (6300000↓)
MP: 3000
SPEED: -10
W.ATK: 500  (120↓)
W.DEF: 800 (150↓)
M.ATK: 600 (60↓)
M.DEF: 750 (240↓)
ACCURACY: 200 (10↓)
EXP: 0
KNOCKBACK: 4500 (10500↓)

Three duplicates of Black Wizard’s Wyvern, Cornian and Skelegon were added. All three are Lv. 1, with very weak stats than the originals, nothing special.

The description of Polearm Toss was updated:


Skill name: 폴암 토스 (Polearm Toss)
Description: [마스터 레벨 : 30] 전방의 몬스터를 6마리까지 공중으로 띄운다. 띄운 상태의 몬스터는 공격 받을 때 일정치의 추가 데미지를 입게 된다. 트리플 어택 직후에만 발동 가능하다. 필요 스킬 : 트리플 어택 20레벨 이상 [발동 커맨드 : ↑ + 공격키]
Description: [Master Level : 30] You can make a maximum of 6 enemies float in front of you at one time. Floated monsters will receive additional damage. Only usable after Triple Attack. Required skill: Triple Attack Lv. 20. [Command: ↑ + attack key]

Lv. 1 : MP 10 소비, 데미지 70%, 띄운 상태 공격시 추가 데미지 20%
Lv. 1 : -10 MP, 70% Damage. 20% additional damage on floating enemies.
Lv. 30 : MP 20 소비, 데미지 110%, 띄운 상태 공격시 추가 데미지 60%
Lv. 30 : -20 MP, 110% Damage. 60% additional damage on floating enemies.

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11 Responses to KMST V229 ~ Cash Trading Room

  1. Vashy says:

    Why dosent Ms have an auction system for mesos? T_T

  2. 한국어 says:

    새로운 윈도우 UI가 이번 패치에 생겼는데요, 그것은 캐시교환방입니다.
    제가 보고 읽은것에 따르면, 아마도 당신이 소유한 캐시템을 다른 유저의 캐시템으로 교환하거나 또는 메소로 팔 수 있는것처럼 보입니다.
    판매한 캐시템은 회수가 불가능합니다.

    하지만 지금까지 제가 알기로는 이시점에서 이 기능은 활성화 되지 않았습니다.

  3. Lumancer says:

    Wait, so… even after all of these years of saying, “It is against the rules to trade cash items for mesos,” now they’ve added a new trade window to do just that????

  4. Xue says:

    …I am with Lumancer on this one. XD

  5. WTF?? says:

    So when this tradin system is released, u can buy cash with meso??
    Does that mean that you can buy PC room (internet cafe) cash items aswell?

    BTW loving the site, great info and up to date…can’t wait for Aran!!

  6. xxpowerxx1qz says:

    I’m with Lumancer too. This is ridiculous. Its hypocrisy in my opinion. Then ban and forbid the trading of Cash Shop items for mesos and now they allow it and add a cool system for it. Imagine what all the people who were banned because of that reason.

  7. 소녀시대 says:


  8. erm says:

    In GMS, they were against trading CS items initially because of scams and PayPal charge-backs. To prevent this from happening, Nexon decided to ultimately disable gifting until no more charge-backs occurred.

    Now that NX cards and other methods other than PayPal are available, the gifting function was returned. However, there was still a possibility of scamming. Since it would not be in their best interests to pursue each and every case of NX scamming (as well as returning items back to their owners), they discourged it altogether.

    This new method of trading NX is probably something the KMS users wanted/Nexon decided should create. It still promotes NX sales because there’s a new demand for them. This way, scaming is much less likely to occur.

  9. NarutoMyth says:

    only 3 servers?

  10. platypus says:

    NarutoMyth :only 3 servers?

    its kms”T” for test, not regular kms

  11. Jordan Dang says:

    I see nothing wrong with the cash trading system.
    At first, it was banned because ofte, people would “sell” Nx for a certain amount, such as 1k-5mil. Very often, the person would pay for the Nx, and the gifter would run away and never rightfully give the nx.
    With the cash trading system, people can trade their mesos for nx items, make offers with other players, and this would be scam-proof, seeing as it’s now a program, and not just one player’s word against another.

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