Pink Been defeated in KMST


Update: In Tver 1.2.228, the MonsterBook data was modified. All 43 rewards of Pink Been were replaced with 1 new item:
알 수 없음
정보가 부족하여 알 수 없다.

Yes, Pink Been has been defeated in Tespia…

According to mazefind (blog: Pink Been was defeated on May 24th, with the advantage of using hacks.
I guess they used NoDelay… seeing from the screenshot~


On 1 screenshot, you can see that Pink Been drops the Maple Warrior 30 mastery book.
Thanks to mazefind and
For screenshots, please continue reading this post.


To view the screenshots in their original size, you have to click on the image.







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30 Responses to Pink Been defeated in KMST

  1. Fred says:

    Stupid hackers =(

  2. Phonez says:

    That’s pretty lame. :(

  3. Ghost says:

    It took six people with hacks to defeat the Pink Vyvn, this is gonna happen in GMS

  4. darkraiyoshi says:

    Aww, I was reading this hoping it to be legit but, as always the hackers take over when it comes to MapleStory.

  5. Peter says:

    How come they don’t patch No Delay? I think No Delay has been patched once and for all in GMS.

  6. TNC420 says:

    Fucking awesome dudes.

  7. Rodoner says:

    Oh well.. at least they killed it. =\

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  9. iHarsh says:

    Do you have any info about this new trade window that allows NX to be put in?

  10. MisFlapjack says:

    Its disappointing that hackers were the first ones to defeat the Pink Bean. D:

  11. Lavi says:

    DAMN HACKERS theres no point in beting Pink Been like that…it´s no fun…

  12. Andrew says:

    You call that being defeated? he still remains un-defeated, simple as that. go to hell, hackers!

  13. Kris says:

    Hackers FTW!

  14. WTF?? says:

    i think it was a good idea to use hacks, just to show the people what you receive if pink been is defeated. maybe others will see this and continue to strive to defeat pink been, although i don’t think they should be credited too much ^^.
    BTW any more info on the new NX cash trade system??

  15. addictedtoms says:

    hey i have a question
    wath is the level up sign for the lvl 171 with the shield?

  16. ggOnceAgain says:

    LOL gg GO HACKERS GO fuck yeah take over pink bean too

  17. AllHailPinkBeen says:

    The main reason Pink Been is undefeated is because of the 1 hour time limit.

  18. Pink Bean says:

    Kill me using 100 Aran 1000 Pirates 10000000000 Clerics 1001293012938120938120398128301283091283091283029183091283029138 Strikers and 091282048132401938470291837490281704821734908173094817209834709827304897098374908734092837409837489749018734 Flame Wizards

  19. qwerty says:

    fcking hackers

  20. jeme223 says:

    i dont consider pink bean to be defeated… but unfortunately knights of Cygnus will not be able to fight pink bean… or atleast they wont be able to survive… from what i have heard the hardest boss KoC can take on is Zakum… and MAYBE horntail

  21. Dood says:

    They use hax probably coz they’re trying to get more info on pink bean.such as drops,hp/mp,ways to defeat it.

  22. A Mapler says:

    Look at it this way:
    1.1 The sooner, the better (right).
    2. Legits were not able to kill it (yet).
    3. You can buy it.
    4. If you can’t kill it why would this affect you?
    5. If you want to kill it as a legit, just do it and stop complaining.
    6. Hackers makes you have great items (stats and everything) at a cheaper price.

    so… at the end I don’t think it affects you. :D

  23. Evan says:

    Damn Hackers!

  24. Big Kebab says:

    I agree with the guy above.

    Before hackers black crystals cost 200k ea now they cost 50kea

  25. Lol says:

    CMS already defeated pink bean… with hacks… so the ‘first’ ones are still out there somewhere

  26. hai there says:

    srsly u know ur lame if u fking use hacks to beat a pink food product. yes its so cute…

  27. pikadvanced says:

    it’s aazing how nobody beat pink bean without hacks

  28. roblox O_O_O_O_O says:

    that is so hacks

  29. dc305 says:

    haha nice going hackers! xD i wouldve done the same myself! and for all you hacker haters theyre not really doing bad hacking all they did was use no delay. its not like they vacced pink bean! xD

  30. Peter says:

    What’s the big deal about timeless equips anway? they are only 2atk more than reverse

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