Tver 1.2.226 ~ Event: Witch’s Treasure

Click here to view the video (Recommended)~

A new event currently in the Test Server.

To start the event, talk to Cassandra first and she’ll warp you to a room with another NPC:


You can collect up to 6 keys, it’s recommended to collect six, enter the portal at the top, but you have to be quick before the hot chocolate surpasses you.


When you entered the portal, you will be in another room. There are 3 giftboxes:
1) Small gift box – Receive a gift if you have 1 key or more.
2) Candy gift box – Receive a gift if you have 3 keys.
3) Cake gift box – Receive a gift if you have 6 keys.

The gifts are random, it depends on the gift box.
Gifts vary from potions (Elixir, White Potion etc.) to scrolls. (Chaos Scroll, Belt scroll etc.)

This event is really easy, the hot chocolate during the part where you have to jump and collect keys only gives you 10 touch damage, but nothing happens at the moment.
At the moment, i’m busy with KMS, trying to get myself to Lv. 120.
But i can’t wait for the new area for Aran, i hope I’ll get the chance to record another tour video, just like I did with Ereb.


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3 Responses to Tver 1.2.226 ~ Event: Witch’s Treasure

  1. Phonez says:

    I can’t wait to see the Aran starting area. It’ll probably be all icy. :P

  2. Shawnehx3 says:

    Looks like a nice event!

  3. NarutoMyth says:

    meh i could’nt get 2 the top even though i got 6 keys >.<

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