MSEA ver. 0.72 (Episode 2)

Click here to see the patch note of version 0.72~

Summary: Episode 2 will release Temple of Time, Pink Been, Elin Forest, Mu Lung Training Center, Family System, PREVIEW KNIGHTS OF CYGNUS, Maker skill, dual language (English and Chinese), Title System (Medals), new EXP table, 4th anniversary and many more…

It has been confirmed that MSEA will get Knights of Cygnus in early June, being the first version outside of Korea to get this!


So many game content, the patch is around ~200 MB large. Basically Episode 2 is different name for a patch but it includes lots of game content. ThaiMS has also Episode 2.
Oh yeah, they also get a new pet and suit:


PinkBean ”Pink Bean – A short and chubby pet summoned through the Goddess’mirror. It is temperamental. Comes with a quote bubble and label.”

5000060.melong5000060.upset 5000060.sleep 5000060.cry 5000060.angry 5000060.guitar


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7 Responses to MSEA ver. 0.72 (Episode 2)

  1. sherifffred says:

    I bet global will copy this patch without anniversary >.<

    • Lumancer says:

      Global already has roughly a quarter of what’s mentioned, maybe a little less…

      It’s certainly possible. I’ll be surprised but delighted if it works out that way.

      On an unrelated note; could this be the single largest patch to any version of maple, ever? I can’t think of any patch that’s had anywhere near this much content o.o

  2. KATZ says:

    new EXP table? or new EXP formula?

  3. XeKia says:

    Hopefully they’ll release this to GMS by early to late July.
    Doubt it though.

  4. LOL says:

    lol korean dun require the lvl20 main character any more so why MSEA still nid it?

  5. ArchArrowz says:

    This gets me really annoyed at MSEA because I used to play it until HotSpot Shield fixed the ip bug. T_T

  6. NarutoMyth says:

    gms does’nt have episodes >.> once again i h8 kms lawl

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