Aran – 2nd Job

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Aran in 2nd job is interesting but also boring. You have to use Double Attack, Triple Attack and Polearm Push everytime, for training but also to gain combo’s.

The skills are not bad, Lv. 1 Polearm Smash gives 410% damage which is huge. A disadvantage of the combo system is that if you get stunned or you have to pot, it will most likely break your combo.

Continual Drain is very useful, i have it mastered and it’s really a pot saver. Everytime you attack a monster, it heals your HP for 120 seconds. It only needs 30 combos.

An Aran warrior must always go to mobs with a higher level than the player itself. Because this way, you can make more combos and use more combo skills. This shouldn’t be a problem with Continual Drain.

Another  possible disadvantage for Aran might be the combo counter during boss battles, maybe it’s easy to gain 300 combos or not. But if a boss monster stuns you, you can lose your amazing 540 combo count.

I’m still thinking if i should make a 3rd job or not..

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13 Responses to Aran – 2nd Job

  1. Xakris says:

    2nd job ? or 2nd job advancement O>o

  2. FiveIron says:

    Same thing, Xakris.

    Looks like a very fun job. I have a question though, you say that an Aran wouldn’t preform well at most bosses, would this apply to Zakum/Horntail/Pink Been only or Papulatus too? What with being able to top row Pap (which avoids all of his attacks except for summoning Darkstars) that should make Pap fodder for combo masters…

    Also I noticed on SouthPerry one of the strings has a massive 2400% damage on bosses. So yeah. If Arans can top row Pap, shouldn’t that make them the ideal melee soloing class?

    • Spadow says:

      I”m thinking of major bosses. Of course they can perform great at bosses but would it be easy to gain 300 combos when you”re at Horntail?

      I saw some videos of high leveled Aran warriors, and they are pretty fast and strong. I would like to see an Aran soloing Pianus.

      • namonaki majuu says:

        The combo break during stun or potting is a relief. I was thinking that it’s gonna be a freaking unbalanced class in comparison to other classes.

        • FiveIron says:

          Same here, I figured an Aran would be a limitless power assault character, similar to early theories of Cygnus, but it’s nice to see reasonable limitations put in place to balance the class.

          Potting annoys me though, seeing as how they don’t get an HP Increase (they are Warriors, so high STR = higher HP, but still) They have quite a lot of fluid invincibility frames, perhaps they could replace potting with being damaged.

  3. addictedtoms says:

    pls make a 3rd job video “crys and beggs at floor”lol

  4. Lumancer says:

    …Wow, I had no idea it’d be this hard to keep the combo going >.>;;

    You can’t even loot without getting punished for it =/

    Ah well. Aran is still interesting, and it’s likely to get tweaked a bit before long. I’ll be interested to see what else comes out of this class.

    Also @ FiveIron, it’s been speculated that higher STR does NOT lead to higher Hp anymore, and that the text that says so is just a leftover from the very early days of the game…

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  6. Alilatias says:

    Hm… One would think that there would be info on a new KMST patch by now. It’s been about a week and a half if my sense of time is still accurate. Unless they’re not patching right now because they want to be absolutely sure that they’re going to catch and fix all of the bugs and glitches.

    Do they have a specific timeframe when patching (like once or twice per week or something like that) or do they just patch randomly?

    • Spadow says:

      I think they have an overall schedule of when to release game content.
      The anniversary ends on the 23rd of May, since there was no patch last week, i predict that the next KMST patch will be this week.

      The next patch will tell us what KMS will get in the May update, since Aran is still way off the road. I guess Aran will be released in July. Tespia ends late June, so yeah.

      The 3rd job skill ”Polearm Toss” is still not working since the ‘float’ condition does not exist yet.

  7. BlazeBlader says:

    I’m playing aran already and guess what?It’s not that hard to get a 500 combo and over,One of my friends got even to a 4000 combo hit!All you nid is monsters that come out very fast and cluster together!

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