Kavatina Story: 2nd term of CBT


After many months, the site of Kavatina Story has been revamped in a newer design.
They finally announced the 2nd term of CBT. I already applied for being a tester, yet the results has to come.

I just noticed that the official MapleStory website put an advertisement for Kavatina Story. Which makes it more obvious that this is MapleStory 3D.


The schedule for the 2nd round of CBT is as following:

From Thursday, May 7th till Saturday, May 16th:

  • Weekdays: 4 PM ~ 9 PM
  • Weekends: 1 PM ~ 9 PM

Again time slots… I wonder why they do that. -_-; Well, as i’m testing the Aran race in KMST atm, i don’t know if i have time for Kavatina Story.
We’ll see~

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

2 Responses to Kavatina Story: 2nd term of CBT

  1. Blammooo says:

    These hours suck if like me you are in US east time zone.

    Anyways I applied for it anyways.

  2. FiveIron says:

    I thought the MapleStory monsters on the advertisment was a joke you set up until I actually saw the site.

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