KMST V223 ~ The Aran Race


To view my video in a bigger size and with High Definition, click here.

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There are new animations (image heavy):

infoicon1 2nd Job (2차) – 아란

Continual Drain

skill21100005iconmouseover1 :




skill21100005iconmouseover1 :



Body Pressure


skill21101003iconmouseover :  The Hyper Body animation.


skill21101003iconmouseover :



infoicon2 3rd Job (3차) – 아란


skill21110006iconmouseover :



skill21110006iconmouseover :


Phantom Blade


skill21110004iconmouseover :




skill21110004iconmouseover1 :


Smart Knockback

skill21111001iconmouseover : Combo Attack animation. Nothing special.


skill21111001iconmouseover :


infoicon34th Job (4차)

Aegis Shield


skill21120007iconmouseover :




skill21120007iconmouseover :



Freezing Posture (original name was Combative Spirit)

skill21121003iconmouseover : Power Stance animation. Nothing special.


skill21121003iconmouseover :


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20 Responses to KMST V223 ~ The Aran Race

  1. Vernacular says:

    OT; Pretttttty good luck Spadow. (:

  2. WTFitsPaul says:

    DANG i wanna know how that class is…thats gonna be one of my favorite classes ahh i gotta try!!!

  3. Shrapnel says:

    can’t wait to install kMST after work and give it a try!

  4. xVincent says:

    badly i dun have a KMST account if not i going to try this job in KMST

  5. Alilatias says:

    That image representing Aran looks more like a placeholder.

    Now the animations are even more interesting. I can’t comment on the video at the moment, as I cannot view them while I’m at school.

  6. KATZ says:

    The combo counts stopped when you missed an attack, and so you had to switch map to reactivate it? It would suck if you miss an attack fighting Zakum, HT then..

  7. AnarkoFat says:

    what is the song title

  8. silver5430 says:

    Cygnus and Adventures have 5 classes each, Arans only have one? Are Wizet planning to add more? I really hope so.

  9. BIoodFire says:

    Looks really cool!
    Can’t wait for the 2nd Job video!^^ (if you’re doing one)
    And does the effect of the combo skill not change with the level? o.O
    Thaht would suck a bit..

  10. Henry says:

    hey, do you know when this is going to be out and ready in kms. also im kind of concerned that if i start kms(i have only played gms), i wont be able to read the text and stuff. do you have any suggestions because ive read that people just guess what they are trying to read. Thanks~ Henry.

  11. EyeAmTrueLegend says:

    Wow Spadow if you care to upload a 2nd job video that would be very much appreciated.

    So from reading after all this so far, I have come the the impression that these guys rely heavily on combo’s to do decent ammounts of damgage right?

    Reading through the skills:
    They have Hyper Body,
    Blizzard (ultimate)
    Power Guard.
    AND Flash jump? o.O
    these guys are going to be hella easy to level then :D

    • Alilatias says:

      It doesn’t look like this is going to be as easy as you might think. All the skills you mentioned are not exactly the same for the Aran, especially for the Blizzard-style skill.

      Looking through Fiel’s extraction, it seems that their Blizzard skill (Ice Storm) requires a combo of 300 before it can be used (and it certainly looks like using it will reset the counter to 0).

      Judging from videos so far, that’s going to be near impossible to get during regular training, and it looks more like a bossing skill. Some of their other advanced offensive skills appear to have a similar combo requirement.

      As for their Flash Jump skill, while it sends people over a longer distance than regular flash jump, I honestly think it sends people too far. I haven’t seen any Aran video so far in which people actually use it often to jump between one mob to another.

      Mazefind’s 3rd job video is an excellent example of this, in which using said flash jump would most likely send him too far past the next mob (or would have left him stuck on a small platform) to continue racking up combos. Instead, that video shows him using the Dash-style skill to move and attack instead.

    • Alilatias says:

      Oh wait, Spadow’s extraction also contains the combo requirement data as well.

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  13. Míelad says:

    Hello… I saw this thread on SW but since I don’t have a account there, I guess I’ll post here. I would like to say that it’s a nice class but I have 2 questions.
    I would like to try this class out and you said it’s on a Test Server.. & you said you have signed up for the Test Server.. Now can I ask where do I sign up for the test server? I don’t know any Korean at all.
    Also the MapleStory 3D. Where do I play / download it? I Would like to try that out aswell! Anyways, nice to see you made this cause I liked it. :)
    E-mail =

    If I’m offline, just send the website / information… cos there might be a time zone difference.

    • Alilatias says:

      Chances are that if you don’t know Korean, you won’t be able to get to the Test Server unless you can get a few others (namely Spadow, Isaac, and others from the Elin Forest forum, the blog has a link on the right side of the page) to help you with the process.

      Staying on the test server is another thing. Once in a while, it appears that they wipe out all test server characters in order to encourage testing of new content (especially new classes like Aran). Along with the wiping out of said characters, it also appears that you will have to re-apply/submit some legit bug reports to continue testing as well.

      As for Katavina Story, I honestly don’t know anything about that.

  14. Roflcopter says:

    Dayum i wish they would get updated with gms before making like 8 new classes in kms. Srsly when the hell is Koc coming out

  15. AnimationRocks says:

    isn’t it called Kavatina Story? I think it kinda’ sucks, (lol)just giving my opinions.

    Maplesea is about to release the Ellin Forest & the ‘Pink Bean’ boss along in Episode 2, and I heard there will be increase of EXP & drop rates…maybe about 1.5x

  16. Wrahaha says:

    It is ”Aran” :D heheheheh it will be cool!

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