Chaos Scroll

Finally after 1 year i found two Chaos Scrolls in 1 day.. ‘_   ‘
I’ve been hunting Serph and King Centipede for a very long time, and my guild members kept getting Chaos Scrolls from Serph.

Serph is a popular Area Boss, because it drops a Chaos Scroll, but so does Tae Roon, so today at the last channel, i finally found a Chaos Scroll. ^-^



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15 Responses to Chaos Scroll

  1. Manu says:

    :o Gratz!!! How much are those worth in kms?

  2. plasticvoid says:

    Lucky. I’ve killed tons of Tae Roons and Serphs and never got anything. :/

  3. Slip says:

    Congrats! You must be really happy on those rare and expensive scrolls.

    I’ll see if I have a few spare moments in the future to chat.

  4. Anonymouse says:

    Which monsters drop chaos scrolls exactly? Just area bosses?

  5. tcp520 says:

    Hi spadow, gratz on Chaos Scroll… it will not boom if failed right?

    and there are other thing i wanna ask u, it is about HT necklace, i saw some KMS maplers has scrolled their HT necklace 3 times, but the stat of the necklace is still the same as HT necklace +1, why? or perhaps u can explain how KMS HT necklace 2nd & 3rd slots are being scroll.. Thanks.. :)

    • Spadow says:

      A Chaos Scroll will not destroy an item, it can only succeed or fail.

      About the Horntail Pendant, you can’t scroll it multiple times with the Dragon Stone scroll, so those people must have used 2 Chaos Scroll but failed them instead.

      • tcp520 says:

        Thanks for reply, Spadow… in other words, those HT necklace with 52 stat is fake one, right? some ppl said to use Karma Scissor to make it tradable and drop it to another character, so that they can redo the egg quest for losing HT necklace, and once they got the dragon stone scroll, they use Karma Scissor to transfer the necklace back and scroll it… is this possible? because i do not know how the 2nd & 3rd slot of HT necklace is being scrolled… thanks again…

        • Spadow says:

          In KMS? Yes. I asked a friend of mine, i’m still awaiting a reply.
          And i don’t know about the Scissors of Karma theory.

          I don’t think so, though.

          • tcp520 says:

            yes, in KMS… because many rumors have been flying around to say that HT necklace can be scrolled in Karma Scissors method (provide SS of HT necklace +3)… plus there is no concrete evidence or information on how the 2nd & 3rd slot of HT necklace being scrolled…

            since u say the Karma Scissors method is not possible then i think it is fake…

  6. A Random Dude says:

    After killing endless Tae Roon and missing the spawn time, I went back to grinding on grizzlies waiting for the next spawn. Last night, 10 minutes into grinding on grizzlies- one dropped a chaos scroll. (pic available)

    Too bad they rapidly deflated now because of the golden chest event. My 100m+ meso “find” dropped by about 50% overnight to 80m (Ch1Fm1 price) around 6am and then 50m-60m -ish around noon today.

  7. Bananaz says:

    Hi Spadow,

    Keep up the good work. Like your blog on Maple updates on KMST!

    You wrote at this post that chaos 60% drop from Tae Roon, Centipede and Serph. What is Serph?

    So you got 2 Chaos 60% in 1 day from Serph/Tae Roon?

    Btw, keep it up! You rock!

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