KMST V219 ~


Click the URL below to see the changed animations~

More of a bugfix patch, but they made some changed with the unknown class. The new  animations look amazing.
However, these skills are not finalized.

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The Bane/Bain Sword has been changed and an effect has been made for these ”Epic” equipment:
-Bain Sword
LV: 58
REQ STR: 0 (↓115)

A new effect for these (for now?) three weapons:


Note: For the skill images, I’m not uploading every image.

infoicon12nd Job (2차)




skill21100002iconmouseover : skill21100002effect5skill21100002effect7skill21100002effect02skill21100002hit01





skill21100005iconmouseover1 : oskill21100005effect1oskill21100005effect2oskill21100005effect3


skill21100005iconmouseover1 : skill21100005effect02skill21100005effect06skill21100005effect5




infoicon34th Job (4차)


skill21120006iconmouseover : oskill21120006effect11oskill21120006hit011


skill21120006iconmouseover : skill21120006effect6skill21120006effect121
This animation is called Ice Storm, and this is a pretty huge skill.




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14 Responses to KMST V219 ~

  1. shroum says:

    impressive o.o

    one thing I noticed is how like cygnus’ skills are modified kind of like this.
    for example fash jump and cygnus flash jump…
    And this job has modified skills a lot like cygnus.
    maybe a cygnus hybrid?

  2. namonaki majuu says:

    I was just wondering… what if Nexon wants to change animations of old skills to more flashy ones? ^_^

  3. DoNotComplain says:

    One word:AWESOME

    DoNotComplain-Player of MSEA

  4. Lumancer says:

    Hmm. This just keeps getting more interesting and perplexing. . . It’s very difficult to make any guesses based exclusively on the animations…

  5. kirby756 says:

    This looks so awesome. I can’t wait for more info on this. I’ll keep checking the blog every day. :P

  6. Alilatias says:

    Wow, they just made everything look even more impressive while at the same time making us even more confused as to exactly what the overall lore-based role of this class/faction is supposed to be.

    And wow, they’re certainly making a lot of careful changes before possibly releasing this for the testers. I’ve seen some people claim that hardly anyone in KMS cared about the Cygnus classes over the long-term, and it looks like they might have learned from that.

    I’m still sticking by the belief that this class/faction is in no way allies of the Dark Magician.

  7. plasticvoid says:

    Just amazing. Wonder what there planning to do with these.

  8. KATZ says:

    I’m just confused what its main stats are going to be… Strength and Int maybe?

  9. Millus says:

    Wierd job…..

    A servant of Black Magician? a Barbarian/Viking/Berserker?

  10. BIoodFire says:

    Mayb something like a Paladin?
    I don’t mean the MS Paladin, I mean the common Paladin, that is a sword- and magic-user.
    I hope anyone understands what I mean with that. xD
    Eventhough me english is very bad. D:

    I also can’t wait for this class!

  11. Rip says:

    Does anyone else see a goatse in the bain weapons effects?

    The internet has ruined my mind.

  12. Bryan says:

    Hopefully they’ll get around to updating a lot of the old content. It’s amazing to notice the difference between old stuff (2nd job skills/ Vic Island) compared to newer stuff (4th job/ Leafre/ Crimsonwood).

  13. Exumaii says:

    XD That girl looks like the girl in the Water Shield skill for Mercedes 3rd job.

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