KMST V217 ~ New class?

Patch size:  8.8 MB


Note: I’m not uploading every skill frame.

You see a lot of old skill icons with new animations, they will be replaced with a newer design. You might think ”wow, they got Sharp Eyes or Blizzard?!”, but i know for sure they’re tweaked.

Currently there is little known about this class and it is not available yet in the test server.

1st Job



skill21000002iconmouseover : skill21000002hit001 skill21000002hit01skill21000002hit02 0

skill21001001iconmouseover : skill21001001effect00skill21001001effect01skill21001001effect0skill21001001effect1


2nd Job




skill21100002iconmouseovereffect021100002 effect21100002


skill21100005iconmouseover1 : Nothing special here…

skill21101003iconmouseover : Nothing special here…

3rd Job



skill21110000iconmouseover :  Nothing special here.. Just Sharp Eyes, master level is 20.

skill21110002iconmouseover : Nothing.

skill21110003iconmouseover1 : skill21110003effect0skill21110003effect1skill21110003hit0skill21110003hit1

skill21110004iconmouseover : skill21110004ball0


skill21110006iconmouseover : skill21110006effect5skill21110006hit05

skill21110007iconmouseover : skill21110007afterimagepolearmfullswingdouble00skill21110007hit00

skill21110008iconmouseover : skill21110008afterimagepolearmfullswingtriple50

skill21111001iconmouseover : skill21111001effect0 (Combo Attack)

skill21111005iconmouseover : skill21111005effect8skill21111005effect10effect21111005

4th Job



skill21120005iconmouseover : skill21120005effect71


skill21120007iconmouseover : skill21120007affected0 skill21120007affected6skill21120007effect12

skill21120009iconmouseover : skill21120009afterimagepolearmoverswingdouble04skill21120009afterimagepolearmoverswingdouble02skill21120009afterimagepolearmoverswingdouble05

skill21120010iconmouseover : skill21120010effect02skill21120010effect04

skill21121003iconmouseover :skill21121003effect4 skill21121003effect13

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45 Responses to KMST V217 ~ New class?

  1. Xakris says:

    Interesting :D but i hope they will add new place to MS for anniversary.
    At insoya i saw weird cs item similar to hair coupon what is that?

  2. Man says:

    You should post the whole skill, not just a few frames of it. I would really like to see them all in action.

  3. Aku says:

    Hmm.. looks interesting and fun. However, more realistically, it looks BS to me. I cant take it seriously unless maple plans to restructures the way skills work, this class is made of fail.
    Drain is a claw/star skill… sword coma… bw charge? from those skill book images it looks as though you need to change weapons constantly to somewhat make use of your skills. If thats the case, it wont work. Talk about taking ‘hybrids’ to a new level…

  4. :O says:

    erm, apparently the skill icons will be updated later. These arent the final icons for em :]

  5. coen says:

    hmm well one thing that is strange in my opinion is the fact that they use pole-arms which is a 2h weapon, but they do have a guardian-like skill which is for shield users, aka 1h people.

    from what i see now its some kind of ice warrior, see’ing the ice buff’s and the icebear/polar wolves skills.

    • Alilatias says:

      The skill icons are temporary. The Knights of Cygnus had temporary skill icons as well. (Why would there be two skills in second job with the exact same skill icon?)

      They’ll be changed to more accurately represent the new skills sometime down the road.

  6. XanKage says:

    I’m guessing it’ll be a blunt-weapon, axe or polarm-based class; at the moment, BWs and axes are very unused in MapleStory and seem pretty useless to the game (yeah, yeah, I know there’s a few axe-saders and BW-WKs out there, but 80-90% of them are sword users). Also, the whole thing with the bear and wolves would also fit an axe and BW very well.
    However, many of the skills also have animations with polearms, and (I know that they are going to be changed, but) the booster/mastery/attack icons are mainly polearm ones. Even though they’re only temporary, it still makes sense to use the correct booster/mastery icon, when you already got them.

    • Mr says:

      i believe from what my friend said its a class based on indians or something related to eskimos or giants from the polar place

  7. XBowPhil(eMS) says:

    I think ima play this when in comes out in kMS! :D
    Or is it already available?

  8. Lumancer says:

    Hmm. Intriguing….

  9. Shrapnel says:

    can’t wait till more information is released on this!

  10. Doesn't beleive says:

    Well just look at it all skills and the effects.

    all the icons or old skills icons, all but about 2 of the animations are also old skill animations with some having a slightly different effect at end. All of maple’s skills have much different animation so this really makes no sense with their animations being so similar.

  11. maple story is stupid says:

    fuck this dumb ass game

    • Yaniv says:

      You are stupider for coming all the way to say that.
      it clearly shows that you have no life what so ever so you bash other people’s life.
      if you had any sort of a life you wouldn’t have the time to come here tell us that.

  12. on April 9, 2009 said: says:

    yeah fuck this game. i hate all those female characters that try to “dress” their characters up all “cute” looking. dumb fuckin dudes in real life. sick fucks. get out of your damn house you fucking children.

    • Alilatias says:

      First, you should try improving your grammar. You posess grammar that is very much like the very “children” you rail against.

      Second, you should try harder in the “using alternate accounts in an attempt to look like I’ve got supporters” department.

      Third, you should learn something called “irony”, because really, taking the time to somehow find this rather obscure blog and then actually commenting on it shows that you’ve nothing else worthwhile to do. How about you get out of the house first?

  13. Kinda like a Shaman says:

    you know. like from wow. it looks like they use animals just a little. but idk considering theres only two animal summon things. but the giant sword interests me. cant wait to see it.

  14. Roxas says:

    Broken like everything else in MS.

    Blizzard, SE, 90% mastery. >_>

  15. Locke says:

    i think another class of KoC or Knight of XXXX coz i seem SE and BZ in 3rd job (4th job skill in main class) don’t have 4th job in KoC class but this job has.

  16. Ville says:

    Couldn’t the name for this job be “Barbarian”?

  17. William says:

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    Please email me or add me to MSN Or MI-Connect.
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    Thank you very much.

  18. KATZ says:

    you should mention this too:

    You can wear two pendants now.(in KMST that is.)

  19. DUtchleaf says:

    I think it wil be knights of cygnus or somthing o.O ??

    • Oric says:

      It has been said several times now this is not KOC. Knights only get to 3rd job. This new class is has 4th job.

  20. Lawl a noob:) says:

    Lol looks like that job will be godly :O

  21. Alilatias says:

    It does not appear to be a KoC class, yet it should not be part of the Dark Magician’s “response” to the KoC class as well (like what some have been claiming, especially over at SouthPerry).

    If this is actually part of a DM faction, then chances are that the KoC classes are going to get their own 4th jobs somewhere down the road. It’s either that, or the DM faction would have been formed in response to the Adventurer classes, not the Knights of Cygnus. It wouldn’t really make any statistical sense otherwise if this is part of a DM faction.

    There’s also the possibility that this new class is part of a faction that is mostly unrelated to the direct conflict between KoC and DM. I personally get an ancient vibe while looking at these skills. Perhaps something related to time travel like Elin Forest?

  22. DoNotComplain says:

    I hope that this new class has skills that are original and not copied from other classes and re-modified.

    DoNotComplain-Player of MSEA.

  23. Xakris says:

    new patch can you extract it?

  24. addictedtoms says:

    i personnaly think thath they will let perion in timeperiod form and this will be the ancient form of the warrior
    PS i love ur site Spadow ur the only one with this information

    • Alilatias says:

      Actually, that’s a very interesting theory, and it’s actually quite plausible. My personal theory is sort of like yours, but I hadn’t considered ‘ancient Victoria island’ (I thought something more like a new area in the (currently empty) southern part of the world map).

      Look at the maps for Ellin Forest. From what I remember from videos, there appears to be an empty room or two somewhere around the area where the past version of Athena Pierce/Helena (AP’s KMS name) is.

      Unfortunately, I don’t quite remember exactly what said empty room looked like, and I don’t have access to YouTube at the moment. I have a vauge recollection of a dusty old library and a floating magical stone of sorts (although I think said magical stone was in the same area as Athena Pierce/Helena).

      Of course, there are problems with this theory. The monsters in the surrounding area of Ellin Forest are generally Level 45+ monsters. Of course, the area around the rest of ancient Victoria might have their own variant of the weak mushroom/snail/slime-based monsters for low level people to train on.

      However, that also brings up the question as to exactly where the mage part of this new faction (if this new class is not a standalone thing and if all of the job instructors are in different areas like what you seem to suggest) will be if the surrounding area around Ellin Forest is not changed. Low-level new faction mages certainly can’t train on those Level 45+ monsters.

      • Spadow says:

        That’s true. There is an unreleased map, the Basement.
        The map where Helena is in is called the Conference Hall of the Camp. There is an entrance nearby her, in the game it says i can’t enter it.
        Here’s a map render of it:

        Conference Hall of the Camp.

        To my knowledge, when you enter that entrance, it will lead you to the Basement:


        What you see is actually a tree? Helena says:

        It is been a while since we left Ossyria to avoid the Black Magician. If not for 세계수, I do not know where we would have been. I have been trying to establish myself here, but that is not easy. I wonder how things are like back home.

        That’s in the data of GMS, i don’t know why they haven’t translated 세계수, but i think means World Tree in this context. In the anime, the World Tree protected peace and order in the world.

      • addictedtoms says:

        But wath if there is gonna be a new sort of classes like the adventurers and the KoC(a good name would be the barbariars).And then ludibrium (our present) would be there future.
        And i think it would be cool if they do that
        PS how do u erase ur own messages cause if i sound to stupid i’d erase and redo

  25. Sceptical says:

    i have some doubts but i hope it’s coming soon! xD

  26. Moogle says:

    Beastmaster class?

  27. KanyeWest says:

    Well, I see SE and bliz, seems like these new classes are going to be pretty good. But if they got these skills, and they are all as powerfull as Aran is, then they will make the explorers obsolete.

  28. CHo says:

    What is this?
    All the classes into one?

  29. Mike says:

    This is definetely not bullshit. This is the class Aran, a polearm-wielding character with hyped-up skills and a whole new combo system. It’s by far the strongest class around in terms of attack. And it has the fourth job. Think stronger KOC characters that have a fourth job. Yeah…
    And this came out quite a while ago, so I don’t see why so many people are being so skeptical about it, although most of the comments were posted in 2009…

  30. oglikesmash says:

    this is aran… and aran’s been out for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time

  31. Arowwolf94 says:

    thiis looks like arans skills

  32. LynjanDakari says:

    When I looked at these skills, I didn’t quite feel nostalgia, it was something else. But yeah, when I saw the skills, I just had to smile. They’re Aran’s skills, guys.

  33. Exumaii says:

    LOL Polearm Booster looks a lot like Demon Slayer’s booster.

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