MapleStory’s 6th anniversary

In 27 days MapleStory will be celebrating its’ 6th anniversary.
I can’t believe that it almost exists for 6 years…

The 2nd term of the test server began yesterday, there’s no sign yet for the 6th anniversary patch.
Mr.Goldstein allows you to level up to 70. Could it be a hint something big is coming up? I hope so.

Last year the 5th anniversary was celebrated with new additions such as  mini dungeons, skill changes and new maps: Ellin Forest.

What has the 6th anniversary in store for us players? Stay tuned for more..

Time is ticking… time is ticking away…

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3 Responses to MapleStory’s 6th anniversary

  1. xdark진 says:

    how do you join tespia? T_T ive been trying to find it but i cant….

  2. Lumancer says:

    Exciting! Can’t wait to find out what comes next ^_^

  3. addictedtoms says:

    The new class probably will be for this patch
    Did u enter the time is ticking…Time is ticking away?

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