KMS Patch 1.2.71 ~ Sheep Ranch event, Cygnus changes, EXP formula



All things that were added in KMST were added: Sheep Ranch event, Cygnus changes and the new EXP distribution formula has been changed. They’re all mentioned in the patch note of 1.2.71.



1. You can now create an Adventurer or a Cygnus Knight. You no longer need a pre-Lv. 20 main character to create a Cygnus Knight.

raceselectnormalonanimation15 raceselectknightonanimation15

2. The Knights of Cygnus tutorial was implemented in the game. When you start your Cygnus Knight, you will be transferred to the tutorial map in Ereb. It’s similar to Maple Island.

During this tutorial, an NPC will guide you through Ereb,


For more information regarding the new tutorial, please click here.

3. The Blessing of the Sprite skill has been changed.


일반캐릭터 = Main Character
시그너스 = Cygnus character
The image says:  a LV 165  Main Character,  a LV 125 Main Character and a LV 115 Cygnus Character.

The 165 character will get LV12 Blessing of the Sprite, the 125 character and the 115 Cygnus will both get LV 16 Blessing of the Sprite.


4. The EXP distribution formula has been changed.

For more information about the new EXP distribution formula: click here

5. A new event has been added: Sheep Ranch.

To enter the ranch, you need at least 5 people in a party. Some people will be a Sheep and some people will be a Wolf.
As a Wolf, your speed is faster and your goal is to get the wool from the Sheeps. You have more power ups and are able to get them faster than the Sheeps.

As a Sheep, you need to escape from the Wolves and try to survive within the time limit.
If you win, you get some EXP. It’s stupid and lame but it is fun!

Click the pictures to view them in their original size.





More information about the Sheep Ranch click here.

6. When you have purchased a merchant/shop, you are now able to view who visited your shop and blacklist them if they’re annoying.

7.  When you pick-up somebody else’s mesos, you will pick-up less than what the other person dropped. (6% tax)

Person A drops 100 mesos, person B sees this and quickly picks this up. Person B sees that he gets 94 mesos instead of 100.

A new letter was added, if you click on it a GM notice appears. Seeing from this letter, it seems that that the 6th anniversary patch will be on 29 April, as i expected…



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6 Responses to KMS Patch 1.2.71 ~ Sheep Ranch event, Cygnus changes, EXP formula

  1. XxSlashxX says:

    I cant wait till this come to gms :D (I think it will take a long time…)

  2. jonnoexe says:

    yeah for sure cant wait for this to come out in GMs

  3. tkwizard says:

    Hey Spadow

    Can you do a few KMS monster book checks for me?

    Can you see the following drop from these monsters

    Eye of time
    – Shiny Bullet
    – Time Fragment

    And can you see if the following monsters drop Eternal Bullets?

    Guardian Soldier of Regret
    Guardian Captain of Regret
    Oracle of Oblivion
    Priest of Oblivion
    Guardian Soldier of Oblivion
    Guardian Captain of Oblivion



  4. anonymous says:

    when it does come to gms it will be awesome :] KoC wont come out till late 2009-Early 2010 so yea ;[

  5. If you want to see a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this post for 4/5. Decent info, but I have to go to that damn google to find the missed pieces. Thanks, anyway!

  6. NarutoMyth says:

    omg i remember dis it was sooo fun but now its ova >.> i still want it and it was actually better then HPQ for 30- lvl users it was juz GREAT and plus u get chance 4 golden egg it was awezome i miss it GMS MAKE DIS COME BAAAACK~~~

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