KMST 1.2.208 ~ Knights of Cygnus tutorial

I recommend you to watch this video at the YouTube site, when you click on the HD option the size will be bigger for your viewing pleasure~

You don’t have to get your Main Character to Lv. 20 to be able to create a Cygnus Knight. They changed it, if you create a new character now, you have a choice: Join the Adventurers or the Knights of Cygnus. If you choose the Knights of Cygnus, you will be automatically transferred to Ereb, the tutorial map. You also get a Noblesse chair and some equipment.

The first 11 levels, the AP will be automatically distributed for you, once you advanced your job you are able to put AP in where-ever you want.
The little flying creature you see in the video is a guide, it will guide you through the tutorial map and if you double-click it, you can select options of what you want to know about the Knights of Cygnus and about the game itself.

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7 Responses to KMST 1.2.208 ~ Knights of Cygnus tutorial

  1. hotmario says:

    hi, i really enjoy to read your blog.
    thank you for telling us hot news!
    i play JMS.
    i want to ask you if i reproduce your movies at Japanese movie site.
    it’s like YouTube.

  2. Manu says:

    Does this update mean that you no longer get an extra slot for cygnus character? so you stay with the old 3 slots and no can do?

  3. Anon says:

    Now that a parent character is needed, how does The Blessing of Sprite skill work on a Cygnus class without a parent.

  4. Anon says:


  5. MSPlayer says:

    But if you did have a lvl 20 character, you would be able to put the “Bless Of Fairy” Points on both characters. So isn’t that a better offer?

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