Balrog Boss changes

This is great news, the MapleStory staff posted a notice saying that you won’t need to do Manji’s Ragged Gladius quest to fight the Balrog. I’m glad they changed, i trained at Wild Boars and it took me HOURS to get Arwen’s Shoes (by the way, Arwen’s quest for killing 100 Green Mushrooms to get an Ice Piece is disabled) and i exchanged and i got a freaking useless Fairy Wing….

Some people bought the required items, however i was not tempted to buy it since the Balrog boss doesn’t give EXP and i believe you can’t use 3rd and 4th job skills. >_>
Me and the EllinForest crew are going to fight the Balrog and try how far we get, i’ll make sure i record the whole battle and of course take screenshots of it.

And a new KMST patch was released, in a nutshell: Knights of Cygnus tutorial, and the Blessing of the Sprite skill was changed; i believe you can now bond with an other character.  ㅡㅡ;;

Update: The Blessing of Sprite skill change is really ridiculous. I don’t know what’s going on in their mind, but they’re really nerfing every great thing they can. Good thing i only leveled my Cygnus character to 40.


Image by insoya

일반캐릭터 = Main Character
시그너스 = Cygnus character
The image says:  a LV 165  Main Character,  a LV 125 Main Character and a LV 115 Cygnus Character.

The 165 character will get LV12 Blessing of the Sprite, the 125 character and the 115 Cygnus will both get LV 16 Blessing of the Sprite.


Yup, you can only use 1st and 2nd job skills and you get 30 minutes to defeat it, and it doesn’t give EXP. This boss is just plain pathetic and a terrible mistake.

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8 Responses to Balrog Boss changes

  1. Shrapnel says:

    bah fucking humbug.

    I spent HOURS looking for that damn feather and now -this-? what bullshit lol.

    looking forward to the fight tonight though.

  2. xuee says:

    doesn’t give exp? wow o_O what’s the point then lol

  3. David says:

    Uhm, am I the only one that doesn’t understand the concept of only being able to use 1st/2nd job skills? I REALLY hope it’s all temporary…

    • Lumancer says:

      I’d agree, that seems very strange. Maybe it’s just for testing purposes, to see if 2nd job players would be able to defeat it. Then again, maybe it’s just a really, really silly concept.

      And to post #2, the shoes that can be obtained through this boss are pretty tempting, even with no exp…

      • Shrapnel says:

        if it was just for testing purposes, it wouldn’t have made it out of tespia. on the OFFICIAL version, you’re only able to use first and second job skills against this boss. it is really awkward, but it was kind of cool to use double fire again as a captain.

        this boss sucks.

  4. Manu says:

    Sooo all the chars get the highest lvl possible blessing? how’s that a nerf o,o

    (about cygnus)

  5. Anon says:

    thats for balrog 1, there is a balrog 2 for the advanced levels, no it doesnt give experience but it drops white and chaos scrolls in the bonus room

  6. dkz says:

    what about evans? will they only be able to use 1st and 2nd master skills? or 1st~6th?

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