Pink Been defeated in ChinaMS!?


Pink Been defeated in ChinaMS!? omg

Click the picture to be able to see it in full size, as you can see it drops the Time Stones and as well the Reverse weapons (not Timeless). But what about the Timeless Pendant (타임리스 펜던트)?! The pendant is present in the data but so far i haven’t seen it actually in the game.  I don’t know if these are hackers or normal players, looking at the time limit, they have 5 minutes left. This was a run with people using No Delay and probably invincibility, so KoreaMS will most likely will be the first! Hacking is pathetic…
The current Tespia term has a lot of Lv. 200 players at the moment, and it’s still not defeated as far as i know.

To clarify: You need these ”Time Stones” to forge the Timeless weapons, many players have the Reverse, there’s not much difference between them. I’m still curious about the pendant….

봉인된 타임리스 펜던트 (Sealed Timeless Pendant)
LV: 30
W.DEF: 30
M.DEF: 30

타임리스 펜던트 (Timeless Pendant)
LV: 140
STR: 9
DEX: 9
INT: 9
LUK: 9
W.DEF: 126
M.DEF: 126

LV1: 80 EXP
STR 2~4, DEX 2~4, INT 2~4, LUK 2~4, W.DEF 20~30, M.DEF 20~30, AVOID 2~4
LV2: 90 EXP
STR 2~4, DEX 2~4, INT 2~4, LUK 2~4, W.DEF 20~30, M.DEF 20~30, AVOID 2~4
LV3: 100 EXP
STR 2~4, DEX 2~4, INT 2~4, LUK 2~4, W.DEF 20~30, M.DEF 20~30, AVOID 2~4
LV4: 110 EXP
STR 2~4, DEX 2~4, INT 2~4, LUK 2~4, W.DEF 20~30, M.DEF 20~30, AVOID 2~4
LV5: 120 EXP
STR 2~4, DEX 2~4, INT 2~4, LUK 2~4, W.DEF 20~30, M.DEF 20~30, AVOID 2~4

There are also 2 pieces of this pendant:


No idea how to obtain these pieces, but you probably need these 2 pieces to create a Sealed Timeless Pendant.

Update: Click on ”more…”


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45 Responses to Pink Been defeated in ChinaMS!?

  1. Shikage says:

    Isn’t that a Reverse Claw? I saw a guy with that claw equipped in the FM in KMS and it was a Reverse Claw. Unless they look completely identical…

    • Spadow says:

      Reverse and Timeless weapons look completely identical.

      I do not completely know if Pink Been drops Timeless equipment, but that is what i believe.

  2. Abdul says:

    I don’t want to sound like one of “those” people.. but maybe it’s edited..
    The light bulb looks funny…
    Why are some items on the ground, while the rest is still in the air? Usually they all reach the ground at the same time…

    Anyway, about timeless equips, are they lvl 120? if so, hmmm this rediculously strong monster only drops lvl 120 equips… what about the lvl 130-200 equips. Something even harder? o.O

  3. anonymous says:

    that glove is a reverse one i believe… the first 2words means reborn.. so i suppose it means reversed?

  4. Mason says:

    They might be hacking, As you can see he was standing still while attacking.

    Why can’t I see damage?
    Because he is attacking it so fast that anyone who doesn’t have the hack cannot see them attack or damage it.
    I’m not sure, But theres a possibility that they could be hacking…

    + Why wasn’t anyone else attacking it?
    There is something fishy about this picture.

  5. xue says:

    my bet they did only kill pb with nd. \= nd’s very effective in killing anything, pb included.

  6. Aslemn says:

    the glove that you posted gives 5 attack and 5 magic attack,so its a different version o__o

  7. Felvo says:

    Just a comment on how the Chinese could defeat Pink Bean… I am a player in global maplestory and I noticed that we do a lot more massive dmg then in korean maplestory. Mostly because we’ve become obsessed with dmg not fun lol xD I am do doubt however that the chinese hacked to defeat pink bean… Lol xD (Btw I’m not saying anything bad about Korean ms being korean myself but it’s just a point lol :P

    • Spadow says:

      Pink Been is not as easy as you think it is. You will have to bear with Zombify, reduced damage and other skills. Just because you can do more damage does not mean you can easily kill the creature. PB is strong to Poison, Holy, Fire and Ice.

      Most attacks of Pink Been are fast and are wide in range. Heck, when you can’t see PB on your minimap it can still attack you and knockback you. You can use an Onyx Apple but PB can kill you with ease and your Onyx Apple is gone to waste.

      It even has an attack where it slams its’ tail on the ground and it will 100% seal your skills and reduce your HP and MP to 1.

      And GMS doesn’t even have the Cart wheel of Destiny cash item that allows you to revive in a map.
      But yeah, ChinaMS definitely used an illegal program to defeat Pink Been. CMS just got Pink Been while KMS got it months ago. When KMS kills it, it will be a big achievement.

      • xue says:


      • Lumancer says:

        Really, it’s silly to argue that GMS would have an advantage over Pink Been; true, we have Onyx apples, and a few unique equips that are helpful- but KMS outclasses GMS in almost every other way (# of 200’s, cash shop items, weapon/armor availability, etc.)

        What I think we CAN say with relative certainty is that, if KMS had the Onyx Apple, they would probably have been able to defeat Been by now. It’s truly a pity that they don’t.

    • Nanx says:

      regarding the “massive dmg”, well i dun know how much dmg u can do in korean ms, but for those lv200 player in CMS, i mean not all, but most of them have the best possible weapon, 21+ att glove, etc…

      maybe that’s the reason? ^o^

    • Fox says:

      lol, dude GMS is 100% obsessed with dmg, but KMS has been around alot longer than GMS, which means godlier weapons, more high lvs, even scrolls (I saw one scroll that gave the effect of a 10% [+5 +3 +1] to a 100% scroll) it was from an event in KMS a while back. They dont even need white scrolls.

      If pink been still hasnt been killed (actually I think it has once by legit players) then GMS will NEVER take it down, we still have trouble with HT and a little trouble with CWKPQ

  8. Pingback: 가메톡아이두

  9. Nanx says:

    well, being a lv200 CMS player, i rlly hv nothing 2 say.

    recently i only focuse on monster-card collecting. didnt kn anything about pb being defeated until jst now.

    and yes, they used hacking programs to do so. and i hv no idea wht they want to brag about. shame shame shame..

    btw, they actually need 2 pay 2 get one of these “programs” from hackers..

  10. anon says:

    Got any pictures or data string of Pink Been Pendant?

  11. Felvo says:

    Hm, I see your point and I understand it fully. I wish kMS luck on their up coming PB fights xD

  12. xue says:

    wow, that is one awesome pendant !

  13. Lumancer says:

    Thank you for the updates about the Pendant, master Spadow!

    I hate to be a pest, but could you perhaps explain a little more what the differences are between the reverse items and the timeless items? You’ve said that they look the same; but are the stats the same as well? Or do the reverse weapons have lower stats / not level up / work differently in some other way?

    Thank you for anything you can tell us!

  14. Orz says:

    There are no reverse weapons listings anywhere.
    All that was dropped there that I could see was a TIMELESS axe, a TIMELESS claw and a TIMELESS pirate glove.

    • Spadow says:

      No, those are Reverse weapons. I checked the MonsterBook data and it says Reverse~

      • Orz says:

        Get a better translator.


        • Spadow says:

          Think twice before you’re going to post. I do not know Japanese and i don’t want to learn it.
          Data never lies, so it’s Reverse weapons. Pink Been drops Time Stones, with these stones you can forge TIMELESS weapons. It would be quite awkward if PB drops Timeless weapons plus the necessary stones to forge them with.

          Get a better resource.

          • Orz says:

            The stones are for the necklace, why would these “reverse” weapons look exactly like the timeless ones, then?

          • Spadow says:

            Reverse and Timeless weapons look the same, Reverse weapons have less base ATK.

          • Slip says:

            Orz, Spadow is right.

            The stones are for forging Timeless weapons, since they are stronger than Reverse weapons.
            There would be NO POINT if PINK BEEN dropped Timeless weapons AND the materials used to forge them.

            And yes, Timeless and Reverse weapons look like the same thing, because Nexon wanted to make them look alike. It was an intended feature.

            The Monster Book NEVER lies. Made by Nexon themselves, there shouldn’t be a single issue with the drops provided there. There you have it. :)

          • Orz says:

            Post a screen with both the same timeless and a lookalike reverse weapon then.
            The kanji would be different.

          • Spadow says:

            I don’t play JMS but KMS.ㅇㅅㅇ And Timeless and Reverse have different letters.

            Timeless is 타임리스
            Reverse is 리버스

            This will be my last reply towards you since it’s pointless to argue with someone who doesn’t get and understand that Timeless and Reverse weapons are different in stats but the same in looks.

          • Slip says:

            What the hell do you NOT get?

            Two DIFFERENT type of items that LOOK like the same. That’s Nexon’s plan, to make one “real” copy, and one “fake”.

            Timeless = Higher attack, better stats.
            Reverse = Lower attack, lower stats.

  15. Orz says:

    Or is it that they’re just timeless weapons with less attack? You know, like any other weapon, it can go over and under average?

  16. cat says:

    I saw this on Asiasoft Forums too and I can’t help laughing.


    LOL. “who vacced?”

  17. shadow says:


  18. noobie556 says:

    but isn’t hornedtail necklace much better than this necklace if scrolled?

  19. Xcracker says:

    LOL.. I’m korean and play kms. well.. they do have a hell lotta lv 200s, except for KoC ( lv 120 is max lv for them ). and, Aran, a new job got patched and it will probably pwn pink been.. but I KNOW that it’s hard. now dont go spazing around me if I’m wrong. (ㄱㅡ) <– a face

  20. adripe says:

    in the second picture it looks like PB is alive but isn’t attacking? O.o and for some reasons noone is attacking it? Seems a little fishy to me!

  21. t-ro says:

    man my guild is preparing to do pb runs lol we will defeat him. (not)

  22. Steth says:

    Woah.. i want those Time rocks!! its needed to make Timeless Weapons =)

  23. NarutoMyth says:

    btw guys im kinda confused now i mean wtf is with da lvl weps now theres: BAIN wep series. BALROG wep series. REVERSE wep series. TIMELESS wep series. like wtf y so many >.> i think theres gonna be more…alot more… >.>

  24. NarutoMyth says:

    holy 0.0 i juz typed my comment in like 1 minute and then after i click submit like around 5 ppl commented after me wow lawl

  25. NarutoMyth says:

    oh nvm i think its a glitch there comments r below me 0.0

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