KMS ver1.2.70


The Balrog boss along with the other stuff that was in Tespia has been transferred to KMS!
First of all, i cannot fight Balrog yet, because i don’t have the Ragged Gladius quest finished, and i still need 3 more quest items, and they’re really rare.
If i completed the quest, i will take more screenshots.
Note: Click on the screenshot to view them in their full size.

A really epic login screen:


Area Bosses can actually talk now, telling random stuff:




I did not have the  Gladius quest completed, so i cannot enter the Underground Temple yet. Here is a new upgrade of the Quest window itself.


This is a new quest, and it tells you the summary basically. I need to visit Muyoung, but i can’t yet. Here’s another part.


It tells you the reward also! However, this does not apply to all quests apparently and as you can see the window has changed. Vertically it’s longer. Much better, isn’t it?

I can’t wait to battle Balrog because i want its Fur Shoes and the 5 cards!


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3 Responses to KMS ver1.2.70

  1. NarutoMyth says:

    kms and gms r so different 0_0

  2. ??? says:

    huh, funneh
    when i fight an area boss, it just says
    any idea why?

    • somenoob says:

      happened to me in gms, but once i did the quest to hunt that boss, or could do the quest they began to talk

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