KMST 1.2.201 – 1.2.205 UPDATE


mobgagemob8830000 ——>  mobgagemob88300001 ——> mobgagemob88300002

hand01 ——> say0 ( 1101008say & 1101008speak )

04032269infoicon1 ——> 04032268infoicon1

04032269infoicon1 ——> 04032267infoicon1

03010060infoicon 03010060effect0
노블레스 의자 (Noblesse Chair)
Recovers +50 HP every 10 seconds.

ominimapcanvas2 ——> minimapcanvas10

minimapcanvas9 ——> minimapcanvas11

ominimapcanvas1 ——> minimapcanvas8
Old version on the left, new version on the right.


지하신전의 봉인
발록을 봉인하기 위해 지하 신전에 걸려있는 봉인의 기운이다. 살아있는 모든 존재의 능력을 억누른다.


글라디우스의 힘
영웅의 글라디우스를 소지한 사람의 능력이 트리스탄의 보호아래 증폭한다. 물리공격력 +30, 마법공격력 +30

발록 카드
발록이 그려진 카드다. 빅토리아중앙던전에서 아이템/메소 드롭율 향상


아기 발록
LV. 48
HP: 2800 (↓)
MP: 500
Speed: -20
W.ATK: 135 (↑)
W.DEF: 65
M.ATK: 0
W.DEF: 1200
EXP: 10


발록 몸

LV: 105 (↑)
HP: 4,280,000

발록 몸

LV: 105 (↑)
HP: 9,980,000 (↓)


봉인된 손
LV: 1
HP: 1
MP: 1



Balrog’s Fur Shoes are +2 to all stats now, and Balrog’s Leather Shoes 2 STR, 2 DEX, 2 LUK and 1 INT.

A lot of Lv. 80 and 90 weapons (replicas for Balrog boss) are untradeable and were changed. They changed it in 1.2.202 so that you are able to use Karma’s Scissors on it.

EDIT: KMST 1.2.205: Lowered HP of Balrog and dead hands.

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6 Responses to KMST 1.2.201 – 1.2.205 UPDATE

  1. xuee says:

    baby balrog still looks cuteeee.

    i don’t really see any changes in the map either, eh!

  2. Mason says:

    Do the shoes expire or are the untradeable?

  3. Man says:

    Wow…they FINALLY add a Noblesse chair AFTER I make my Cygnus. Lame.

  4. Lumancer says:

    Hmm… what are those three small icons you’ve listed below the map changes, but above the Baby Rog? They almost look like… skills…?

    If no translation is available that’s fine, I’m just a touch curious.

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