KMS 1.2.69 ~ Goldrich event


The patch was earlier than i thought, other versions patch around 02/25~02/26. This patch only contains the content that was released in KMST 1.2.198, so i guess the new boss will be released in March.

About the boss: I opened World Map, and i might think where the new location will be in our World Map:



So, what is this new Goldrich event? I can tell you, it’s a great event. You can earn EXP, get summoning backs and obtain scrolls from it.
Once you logged in, you will get a new quest from Cassandra, accept it and you will be awarded with an Empty Compass. You need to collect the 20 letters each of N,E,W and S to make the Empty Compass into a Golden Compass.


Empty Compass

compass2Goldrich says that the Golden Compass is complete now~

After that, when you click on your Golden Compass, you will be sent to an event map where you have 1 minute to collect as many as eggs as you can get. The most common eggs are the ”?” eggs, the less common are ”!” and the rare eggs are the ”EXP” eggs.
After the time is up, you will be sent to a map where you will see Goldrich. If you have an EXP egg, click on him and you will receive the EXP you get for your level.
I got an EXP egg, and the EXP is really useful!


expeggEXP egg

expegg2At Lv. 84, i got 194k EXP from 1 egg!

Make your way out in the event map and wait till you get another Empty Compass from Cassandra.
The ”?” eggs can give you:

  • Potions
  • Belt scrolls (100%)
  • Ring scrolls (100%)
  • Summoning Sacks

The ”!” eggs can give you:

  • Chaos Scroll 60%
  • Clean Slate Scroll 5%
  • Belt scrolls (60%)
  • Ring scrolls (60%)

You can also obtain a Golden Summoning Sack and it summons random monsters.

What the!?
goldsack2 Oh….


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5 Responses to KMS 1.2.69 ~ Goldrich event

  1. Fred says:

    Thanks for this info =)
    Seems like a nice patch.
    You made a little mistake: you’ve gotten 191k exp instead of 1.9m
    Still great exp tough.

  2. Mason says:

    Where do you letters from for the event?

  3. d4rkm4gex says:

    That’s such a cool event!!
    Only KMS has it?
    XD you know when you summoned the monster with the summoning sack,i thought it was a jr.balrog but instead it was a Ribbon pig~Hahahahas…really make me ‘lol~’

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