Star Star Festival and.. a new upcoming boss monster?…

There’s a new event where you can redeem stamps for real-life prizes and MapleStory prizes. It’s called the Star Star Festival, every hour in the game you get 5 stamps a day, except if you missed a couple days you can get more. Click on ”more…” to see images of the new boss monster.


Prizes as Nintendo Wii’s, Giftcards, CDs, 100,000 MAPLE POINTS!! (only 15 people can get it), Teleport Rocks, Merchant Stores and more. If you want to see all the prizes check The Valentine’s Day event gives you fame and a time-limited Safety Charm as usual. You need 1 White and 1 Black Chocolate, but the droprate of those is horrible. +_+


Now, something else. The previously KMST patches were fast and filled with fresh content such as Monster Carnival season 2 and skill changes. Now, no new KMST patch has appeared, this could be because another update is coming? Anyway, i saw a new video of mazefind,  he uploaded a banner advertisement. It tells you about the Star Star Festival but also about… a new boss monster. I already knew that the next patch in KMS was on the 26th of February since the events end on that date. Here’s mazefind’s video:

Here’s the not so visible image of the new Boss monster in the video:

newmonster1(Picture courtesy of mazefind)

Here’s an image i brightened myself in Adobe Photoshop CS3:


This monster has a similar look like the (Jr.) Balrog monster:


On the video you see a small text saying: 어둠으로부터 마왕이부활한다 (마왕 has been resurrected from the Darkness). To be honest, 마왕 could mean Devil, Lucifer, Evil, Satan or an Evil Spirit. I think an ”Evil Spirit” seems more appropriate for this context.
So in a few days we can expect this boss in the newest KMST patch. I’m really excited to see how it looks like in the game, and how strong it is.

It’s possible that the Black Magician is involved with this. Maybe the Black Magician is responsible for the resurrection of 마왕.

To be continued….

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3 Responses to Star Star Festival and.. a new upcoming boss monster?…

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  3. Mason says:

    Thankyou for all these updates, Really if I didnt have you I would have no idea whats going on. Lmao

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