KMS Patch 1.2.68


The new content that was available in Tespia has finally hit the official servers. Removal of World Tour, Skill Changes, Fairy Tale Event, Monster Carnival season 2, While i logged off when the patch just ended, a couple hours later i saw messages of people getting lots of money due a bug. The formula of Pickpocket was changed but apparently Nexon rushed too fast and now lots of people have billions of mesos.

Whenever you used Pickpocket and hit a monster, it would drop a large amount of meso. Do you know what the best part is? No rollback….
I previously said that i was wondering what path they’re choosing, obviously they’re choosing for the wrong path! Look at Chaos Scrolls and the new Spiegelmann’s Chaos Necklace…

The bosses of World Tour contained a bug too; they regenerated continuously, whenever you killed a boss, it would spawn immediately.
I just wish they would do a rollback.. All what Nexon want is cash, cash and cash! Lately all their new items have been labeled as an item that can be made tradeable with Karma’s Scissors.

Thats not all: All the monsters in Monster Carnival gave 1 EXP. The Lv. 30 Maple Warrior Mastery Book has been dropped from Horntail while it’s still in development in Tespia. Many monsters had an abnormal regeneration. Most of the bugs were fixed with an emergency patch.
It’s obvious they rushed, just like with the Pink Been patch. >ㅁ<



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One Response to KMS Patch 1.2.68

  1. d4rkm4gex says:

    omg,4m from a snail?!
    That’s a lot(weird bug anywayz)
    2010005074 damage!!!

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