Update: KMST 1.2.191 ~ Monster Carnival: Season 2

Another fast KMST patch with lots of content. When i saw that they added Monster Carnival season 2 with the required PQ level Lv. 51~70, i immediately thought of Ludibrium Maze party quest. The normal EXP is still unknown since testers can access any party quest at whatever level they want.
Hopefully it’s good EXP, so i can level up my Flame Wizard through my way to 3rd Job.

To see the patch notice and the other new mount, click on ”more…”.

It’s sad that they are going to close World Tour. Because probably i can’t complete my Blue Mushmom quest! Let’s hope this is just a temporary action of Nexon. Maybe they have something planning for World Tour.
They added at least 2 new mounts in this patch, one for the Knights of Cygnus and one is Cash Shop only.
This is how the turtle Cash Shop mount cover looks like:


Yes, very cute. But i am not waiting for a turtle… more waiting for an awesome cool looking Dragon!
I’m curious what Nexon has more in store for us. Stay tuned!

Update: Spiegelmann (Monster Carnival season 2) hands out a new ring that adds 3 W.ATK and 3 M.ATK with 0 slots though.
Now, everyone can equip 4 rings so that means 3 x 4 = 12 W.ATK !!! They are tradeable, no need to buy Karma’s Scissors. To obtain the Spiegelmann’s Ring you need 150 coins. I should hurry up and do Monster Carnival PQ on my Flame Wizard!



메이플스토리 테스트 클라이언트 버전 1.2.191이 릴리즈 되었습니다.
MapleStory client version 1.2.191 has been released.

이번 패치에서는 다음과 같은 사항이 수정, 추가되었습니다.
In this patch, the following matters were modified and added.

<게임 관련>
<Game related>

1. 몬스터 카니발 : 시즌2가 시작되었습니다.
1. Monster Carnival: Season 2 has started.

– 마을에 있는 NPC 슈피겔만을 찾아가 보세요.
– Look for NPC Spiegelmann in town.

– 51레벨부터 70레벨까지 참여하실 수 있습니다.
– To participate you must be Lv. 51~70.

– 가장 승리를 많이 한 사람, 가장 높은 승률을 보유한 사람에게는 ‘절대승리 카니발리언의 훈장’과 ‘천부적인 카니발리언의 훈장’이 주어집니다.
– Players with the most victories and win/loss ratio will be given an ‘Absolute Carnivalian’ and ‘Natural Carnivalian’ medal.

– 몬스터카니발 : 시즌1과는 달리 입장 신청 시, 가장 최적의 상대와 자동으로 게임을 시작할 수 있습니다.
– Monster Carnival : Unlike Season 1, the best player can automatically start the game.(?)

2. 세계여행 상품이 종료되었습니다.
2. World Tour has been closed.

–  각 마을에서 여행가이드 스피넬이 철수하였습니다.
–  Spinel, the World Tour guide has been removed in each town.

–  해외맵에서 접속 종료한 분들은 여행사 사무실로 이동하실 수 있으며, NPC 스피넬을 통해 출발했던 마을로 돌아가실 수 있습니다.
–  If you are in a World Tour area, talk to NPC Spinel to leave the map.

–  순간이동의 돌에 저장되어 있던 세계여행 지역으로는 더 이상 이동하실 수 없습니다.
–  You cannot warp to World Tour areas with a Teleport Rock.

3.  쿨타임이 있는 스킬을 스킬 매크로에 등록할 수 없도록 수정되었습니다.
3.  You cannot register any skill with a cooldown timer on your Skill Macro.

4.  파워가드, 마나 리플렉션, 파이어 데몬, 아이스 데몬, 포이즌 미스트, 플레임 기어 스킬에 명중률 공식이 적용되었습니다.
4.  Power Guard, Mana Reflection, Fire Demon, Ice Demon, Poison Mist and Flame Gear were given an accuracy formula.

5.  무릉 도장 게이지 충전 방식이 공격횟수 기준에서 받은 데미지 기준으로 변경되었습니다.
5.  In Mu Lung Dojo, you can charge your gauge bar by receiving damage.

6.  파티찾기에 시그너스 기사단 직업을 검색할 수 있도록 수정되었습니다.
6.  You are now able to search Cygnus Knights with Party Search.

<아이템 관련>
<Item related>

1. 몬스터 카드가 추가되었습니다.
1. Monster Cards were added.

–  대왕지네 카드
–  Giant Centipede

–  블루 머쉬맘 카드
–  Blue Mushmom

–  포장마차 카드
–  Snack Bar

2. 훈장이 추가되었습니다.
2. Medals were added.

–  절대승리 카나빌리언의 훈장
–  Absolute Carnivalian medal
REQ LV: 51
Untradeable and One-of-a-kind item
STR : +7
DEX : +7
INT : +7
LUK : +7
Speed : +5

–  천부적인 카니발리언의 훈장
–  Natural Carnivalian medal
REQ LV: 51
Untradeable and One-of-a-kind item
STR : +10
DEX : +10
INT : +10
LUK : +10
Speed : +7

3. 허리띠가 추가되었습니다.
3. Belts were added.

–  흰색 쿠키 허리띠
–  White Cookie belt
Untradeable and One-of-a-kind item
STR : +1
DEX : +1
INT : +1
LUK : +1
W.DEF : +5
M.DEF : +5

–  노란색 쿠키 허리띠
–  Yellow Cookie belt
Untradeable and One-of-a-kind item
STR : +2
DEX : +2
INT : +2
LUK : +2
W.DEF : +5
M.DEF : +5

–  파란색 쿠키 허리띠
–  Blue Cookie belt
Untradeable and One-of-a-kind item
STR : +3
DEX : +3
INT : +3
LUK : +3
W.DEF : +5
M.DEF : +5

–  빨간색 쿠키 허리띠
–  Red Cookie belt
Untradeable and One-of-a-kind item
STR : +4
DEX : +4
INT : +4
LUK : +4
W.DEF : +5
M.DEF : +5

–  보라색 쿠키 허리띠
–  Purple Cookie belt
Untradeable and One-of-a-kind item
STR : +5
DEX : +5
INT : +5
LUK : +5
W.DEF : +5
M.DEF : +5

4.  탈것이 추가되었습니다.
4.  A mount was added.
–  (Lev. 120) 신조
–  (Lev. 120)  Shin Jo (Note: Cygnus-only)

Here’s an image of Shin Jo:

<Quest related>

1. 에레브에 새로운 퀘스트가 추가되었습니다.
1. A new quest has been added.
– 신조의 탄생 : 나인하트, 레벨 120 이상 기사단장
–  Birth of Shin Jo : Nineheart, Level 120.

<몬스터 관련>
<Monster related>

1. 세계여행 지역에서 출몰하던 보스 몬스터가 메이플월드에서도 출몰하기 시작했습니다.
1. World Tour boss monsters now appear in the Maple World.

–  대왕지네 : 백초마을
–  Giant Centipede : Herb Town (spawns at 80 Year Old Herb Garden)

–  블루 머쉬맘 : 아랫마을
–  Blue Mushmom : Korean Folk Town (spawns at Haunted House)

–  포장마차 : 슬리피우드
–  Snack Bar : Kerning City (spawns at Drake Area)

<이벤트 관련>
<Event related>

1. 동화나라 이벤트가 진행중입니다.
1. Fairy Tale event initiated.
2. 별별 페스티발이 1월15일부터 1월21일까지 진행됩니다.
2. Several events starting from the 15th of January till the 21st are in progress.


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6 Responses to Update: KMST 1.2.191 ~ Monster Carnival: Season 2

  1. Anonymouse says:


    I heard that the Marksman skills Piercing Arrow and Dragons Breath may have been changed. Can you confirm or deny this rumor?

  2. Anonymouse says:

    I meant to say that I heard Pierce Arrow hits 9 mobs now and Dragons Breath can Stun.

  3. Mason says:

    I don’t get it, If theres no world tour and they added Blue Mushmom Card.
    How will you get it if theres no world tour o-o?

    • d4rkm4gex says:

      well~ koreaMS had to do something about the bosses of the areas so they transferred to the bosses to others maps
      Blue Mushmom now spawns in
      Korean Folk Town •Haunted House•

  4. somebody says:

    may i ask, the ring u showed is available in other versions with mc 2 other than kms now?
    i m from maplesea, the exchange option in spigelmann do not have the ring, is it only in kms?

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