A new server: Aster + Pink Been

Since the holidays are over, school is starting again and my life gets busier, I’ll try to blog as much as i can~

MapleStory Korea got again after a short time another new world ”Aster”. KMS has now 27 servers!!
Why do they need so many servers? They just got Leona and that server isn’t full. People are starting in a new world just because of the 2x EXP and drop.
I think it’s pointless though, they should really stop at 30.

Click to view in it's default size.

Click the thumbnail to view it in it's default size.

As for my MapleStory life: I’m currently not active (still Lv. 84) but we’ve gotten a lot of new players in the EllinForest guild.
My goal is still active which is achieving Lv. 120. But due activities like school and work I’m short on time to actually train my way to 120.
Currently we have one 4th job member and 2 another members reaching 4th job soon.
KMST term 4 ended and 1 just begun, so far there is no new content patch yet, but I’m excited to see what KMS is getting in 2009!

On the other hand, a group of members in Plana almost killed Pink Been. They got to the 5th phase (Ariel statue) and defeated it, but apparently PB is bugged: it can’t be defeated. They contacted Nexon about it and Nexon is aware of this issue. They said they will fix this in the near future with a patch.
It’s a pity that all these people wasted their effort and time into this long battle. Let’s see how Nexon will handle with this.

10 seconds after there were 5 minutes left, all 30 members were disconnected.
” 핑크빈이 아직 구현이 덜 되었기에 나중에 패치를 하기위해 긴급 회의를 하겠습니다. “

That message came up, which says that Pink Been is not finished yet, and they will update it with a patch later.

Mardia has had this message come up already before..
So, there are 3 points you need to know:

1) There will be patch because of all the high leveled players that want to kill Pink Been.
2) Pink Been is not able to be killed at the moment.
3) They weren’t working too fast on Pink Been because of the Knights of Cygnus update.


Source: 임군

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