Knights of Cygnus: Ready… set… Go!


Last night i created my Cygnus character after a long nap. My main character is already Lv. 8X so that means my Cygnus character will have 8 SP into Blessing of the Sprite.
At the moment it’s Lv. 30, i became Lv. 30 too late because there’s an event going on (well, there are other events going on but this one is really important), the first 5000 players that achieve Lv. 30 gets 5,000 NX. Well there are over 10,000 players now. I still have a chance to obtain 10,000 NX, but then i have to level to 50 real quick (first 3,000 players to achieve get 10,000 NX), 1,000 players for Lv. 70 prize which is 20,000 NX and the first 100 players that achieve Lv. 90 will get 50,000 NX!! I believe that these prices stack, so if you’re a really fast leveler, you would get around 85,000 NX!


At the moment there are 2 Lv. 120 Cygnus players. They reached Lv. 120 in 2 days! Most people will think they used the 2x EXP of Family System and leech, but i don’t know. #1 is a Flame Wizard, and so am i. I’m already doing good damage with my Magic Claw, and it’s really fun. We decided to abandon Sleepywood because the guild leader is inactive and can’t expand really much, so there’s a new guild created called EllinForest, it’s really active and fun and i hope it will keep it that way.


There’s a new world ”Leona” with 2x EXP & Drop until January 11th, they keep introducing new servers. I think KMS is the version that has the most servers (26). I do like the server icon and the name.

maplestory-2008-12-18-17-24-55-36Normally the boat rides are free, except for this one. You will have to pay 100 or 1,000 meso fee to enter Ereb. By the way, the clothes you see are Noblesse clothes, they do look good! They only give DEF so it’s not really worth keeping it.

In version 1.2.67 they changed some skill icons and added new objects. The skill icon of Fire Arrow has changed, it’s quite nice, although i haven’t checked the animation yet. These changes didn’t apply in KMST yet. The skill icon looks like someone is shooting a burning Phoenix. I can’t wait to see it!


There are Ereb quests, a lot (i have completed 44 at Lv. 30). You will get assigned a lot of quests by Nineheart, the quests aren’t boring but okay, it’s meant for training. The Cygnus representatives (Nineheart gives you a quest to contact these representatives) are in Ellinia, Perion, Henesys and Kerning City. Most of them involves getting items or killing monsters, one of these new monsters are cynical orange mushrooms. In the screenshot above you will see a sign that they are residing in this map.

I got to Lv. 30 quickly in 2 days, i must admit that i used some 2x EXP of Family System as 2nd job advancement came nearby. I love Family System! 2x EXP for 30 minutes for free. ^_^ I can’t wait for maxed Fire Pillar and the new Fire Arrow!

Once you created a Cygnus character and re-log, you will definitely see your Cygnus character in Ereb-style. Another thing that is noticeable is that your whole buddy list will get transferred. At the moment the buddy list has a bug, it shows online people as offline and some offline people as online.


maplestory-2008-12-20-04-35-26-071maplestory-2008-12-20-09-29-03-63You see they added a fancy portal for the Doll Master’s entrance. The storyline is quite amazing too as said before, as you already know; the Knights of Cygnus were created because of the Black Magician. Their goal is one; to work together with the Empress to defend the Maple World from the Black Magician. The minions of the Black Magicians are showing up, also. Well, look at this Doll Master!

The Black Magician hasn’t appeared yet… but it would be too late to prepare after he does. The Order is collecting information on the Black Magician, and defeating his minions and becoming stronger earlier on. I want the Black Magician to appear! I hope the year 2009 will be the year of the Black Magician, i want to see the Black Magician! I already saw a silhouette of it in the promo video, it’s so awesome!!

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4 Responses to Knights of Cygnus: Ready… set… Go!

  1. James says:

    Hi! Can you help me create an account? My computer seems could not etablish the website.. Hope you can help me.. add me email or email me for the registeration info please.. thanks , (

  2. Evelynn says:

    Do you still play on the server Leona in KMS on your Cygnus Character, I am playing a wind breaker on KMS, Leona server, level 21 atm, looking for a guild who speaks english. I cant really understand korean that well >.<

  3. chappy says:

    Hey Spadow,im new here so,I need help koz when i press START in the website right ?? but then nothing happen.I have downloaded the game but still nothing happen.

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