Ereb tour video and it’s almost time~

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2 more days left for the release of Ereb and the Knights of Cygnus patch. I’m so excited! Although i already played a bit with the characters on Tespia, but that doesn’t mean i won’t play them on the official server. I said earlier i was making a Wind Breaker, but now i think won’t. I also mentioned that the reason i didn’t tried out a Flame Wizard was because they were ”boring” and ”dull”. But i take my words back! Flame Wizard is an awesome job! I’m definitely making a Flame Wizard!

They have an 2nd job skill Flame Pillar and it’s so fast and the range is so wide, the skill is similar to Big Bang. So what am i gonna do when they open Ereb and the Knights of Cygnus? I’ll probably create my Flame Wizard first and then i’ll try out the Goldrich Party Quest, it seems nice, you get items and EXP but on the other side it’s kind of a puzzle/maze thing, not my thing.

I decided to create an Ereb tour video, because i wanted to show everyone how beautiful and stunning this place is, Ereb is my favorite town as in graphics, Magatia is a beautiful town too. Anyway, you can view the video (above) in HD, which is .. really great because you’ll see what i mean.

I will upload some more Tespia pictures soon and of course my new Cygnus character.

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