Update: Kavatina Story video by Spadow

I played a little bit, took some screenshots and i gotta admit that it’s a nice game. Most people say it sucks but they haven’t tried the game yet, they only go by the looks. Seriously, wait till Open Beta (Expected date was March, 2009 i think) and then try it out and then voice your opinion.

What do you think of Kavatina Story?
There are only 3 classes playable: Ghost, Fighter and Psychic.
There are more rounds to come, and so far i enjoyed it. I do hope they get rid of the time restrictions. >_>

kavatina-2008-11-30-05-08-31-79 kavatina-2008-11-30-05-18-55-76


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8 Responses to Update: Kavatina Story video by Spadow

  1. NeverBeAlone says:

    Can i know … the open beta of Kavatina Story is in korea language or in english ? = =

  2. NeverBeAlone says:

    SAD … i know nothing bout korean … = = but i wanna play tat game … T – T

  3. NeverBeAlone says:

    oh … is there any info bout the Global Kavatina Story ? = = hope it’ll out soon so i can play tis game =D

    • Spadow says:

      No, only in Korea. I doubt that Kavatina Story will be released worldwide soon, it is still in beta test and not official version.

      Nexon America might get Dragon Nest soon~

  4. CithosSypht says:

    I LOVE EPIK HIGH!!! nice song choice =P!

  5. CithosSypht says:

    looks good too

  6. CithosSypht says:

    is there pvp?

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