KMST 1.2.181 & 1.2.182 (Small updates)

Highlights of KMST 1.2.181 & 1.2.182


  • New Taming Mob added (not obtainable yet!)
  • New NPCs added
  • New (quest) items added
  • New maps added (related to Goldrich party quest)

1. A new LV 100 taming mob was added:

tamingmob01902006imgwalk100 tamingmob01902006imgwalk101 mount100

2. Two new NPCs were added:

2084009imgstand0 2084010imgstand0
The box is a Golden Key Box, it’s just a placeholder, they’ll probably change it in the next KMST update.

3. New tiles added ‘miro’ (Related to Goldrich party quest):

objdungeon4imgmirotrap00 tilemiroimgbsc0 tilemiroimgenh01 tilemiroimgslru0 tilemiroimgslrd0

4. New (quest) items added:

etc0403img04032179infoicon (Related to Ereb – It’s a search certificate)



There is still no sign of Ereb, the levitating island where the Empress is located. It will come soon. ;-)

Side note: I’m downloading & installing Kavatina Story, hopefully i will have spare time to try the game out and take screenshots of it but i can’t promise anything. I’m busy this week and for this round testing is only for one week (Nov 25th ~ Dec 1st). +_+

Edit: The Goldrich party quest was already released in Tespia, the new updates makes the party quest more complete. To enter you will need to speak with the Maple Administrator to enter the map. Then you will need to form a party to enter this new party quest.

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3 Responses to KMST 1.2.181 & 1.2.182 (Small updates)

  1. katanakiwi says:

    nice, sounds like fun, and the lvl 100 mounth looks cool too… would it have to do something with the pq?

    ps i cant see all pictures, only the mounth but i think thats an issue with my internet rather then with the site.. or not?

  2. Spadow says:

    @katanakiwi: Are you using Internet Explorer? If so, then it’s IE’s fault. I recommend you to use Firefox or Google Chrome. :]

  3. Flight says:

    The mount has a detachable head! :O

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