Goodbye Fiel

Well I got banned because I was advertising my blog too much on Fiel’s website, it was only in my signature. Too bad that I have to leave this good community, it was nice to see Fiel’s extractions and the contributions of other people.

Of course I advertised my blog, but I never posted a thread about, the visitors that gather this information and post it on your website.
Why wouldn’t you talk to me first? Do my extractions really bother you Fiel? It was never my intention to hurt your website.

Fiel, I guess I misinterpreted you…Good day!


After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.”

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

13 Responses to Goodbye Fiel

  1. ItachiPower says:

    Pretty stupid that you got banned.. reminds me of SW lol.

  2. VictorGS says:

    Wow. You shouldn’t be really banned. >_>

  3. Daniel says:

    Wow Fiel pulled off a Nexon. I never expected him to be THAT lame :s

  4. Moogle says:

    Why did you go and do that fiel? :(

  5. blitzkrieg says:

    wow, you did nothing but support while hosting your own blog and then you got banned. I thought we moved there from SW for a reason, but I guess it’s just more of the same afterall.

    very, very disappointing.

  6. Moogle says:

    “wow, you did nothing but support while hosting your own blog and then you got banned. I thought we moved there from SW for a reason, but I guess it’s just more of the same afterall.

    very, very disappointing.”

  7. ClawofBeta says:


    God dang it, this is just biased. If I remember, you posted your website

    -as your website (fine)
    -everytime you quit IRC.
    -signature (fine)

    Think he got irate at the areas you posted this website. I’m not sure, but you might of posted your website in some posts, too.

    And Fiel said he did god dang talk to you, but you wouldn’t comply, and he got sick of negotiating, so he just plainly banned you.

    Dude, at least post all of the facts so outsiders will have their own opinion.

    Mine? Well, I do have to say Fiel overreacted. However, he did warn you several times, so just stop advertising when he says that.

    And no, he was never annoyed with your extractions. Yes, he did comment that you keep on stealing his limelight, but from what I see it, there’s nothing more.

  8. Myles says:

    Corm, the thing is nowdays is that people wont post all the facts so people will be on their side.

    Damn, sorry to see you go, but as was mentioned, you had chances to remove some of your links, but you didn’t help yourself with having all those adversitments.

  9. Erich says:

    Well, maybe trying appealing to it.

    Really, sad to see you go. But dont pull all of youre KMS chronies(sorry for calling you guys that) to rebel against that. Advertising rules are verrrry though here.

  10. Spadow says:

    @ClawOfBeta: There are always the same people in IRC chat almost every day (You, Rayquaza, Myles and so on…). And PSIGenix isn’t the only server i go on. I do visit other servers, my quit message was set up as default. If you create a blog and you don’t get a lot of visitors, then you need to think of a way to get visitors. So my plan was to put my signature in all forums i’m registered at. (, AIJMS, PlayPark forums etc.)

    Of course me and Fiel talked to each other, but we did not came to a decision, HE never said such a thing as: ”Spadow, if you won’t remove your blog URL in your signature I’m going to ban you.” He did gave me a warning that the information would hurt him due donators being able to see extractions first.

    ”I’m not sure, but you might of posted your website in some posts, too” – Are you sure? Like i said, i always let Fiel do his extractions, i think i never created a thread/post with my intention to redirect visitors of SP to But hey, I’m not sure!

    The website thing was not visible enough, so i decided to put in my signature and that’s what i was talking about.. about the IRC message as explained.

  11. blitzkrieg says:

    the only time that kyo ever advertised this blog on was through his signature and indirectly with watermarks on several images. I highly doubt the site’s revenue would be impacted by anything so minor. to just ban someone out of the blue for something like this is ridiculous.

    and if he didn’t want someone to “steal his limelight” then he shouldn’t have made his site’s niche something that others are also able to do.

    besides, no offense kyo but everyone knows fiel’s extractions are better and more thorough. will always be the place to go for those things. I only really visit this blog for info on kMS events lol

  12. Spadow says:

    By the way, other people have their URLs (WordPress and other websites) in their signatures too, which COUNTS AS ADVERTISING.

    Fiel didn’t ban me because of my blog. Ask him what the real reason was to ban me.

  13. Rayquaza2233 says:

    There was a controversy on the IRC about your banning, Spadow, just dropping you a line.

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