Update: KMST 1.2.177 – Screenshots

As part of the ”MapleStory Green” campaign, i believe they added these three items (these come in three variations):

  • EXP1 Gives you 30 EXP instantly.
  • EXP2 Gives you 200 EXP instantly.
  • EXP3 Gives you 500 EXP instantly.

    Update: 50 EXP changed to 30 EXP.

Click on ”more…” to see the screenshots.

irina1 irina2 irina3

irina4 irina5 irina6

irina7 irina8 irina9

irina10 irina11 irina12

irinaw1 irinaw2 irinaw3

irinaw4 irinaw5

WordPress is acting weird with the images ><

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