What now?

So GMS will get Pirates and stuff related to that, and of course new Mount Covers (i need to check that out!), MSEA is getting Pirates too this month and EuropeMS is getting Zakum. I wonder what KMS will get, but i’m afraid it will contain nothing new, except for the new Gaga quest which is still not activated..

As you already know the Korean Nexon team is busy with the new 5 classes, together combined  called the Knights of Cygnus. More information about this class can be found on my blog, use the search feature. :)

I’m Lv. 83 now in KMS, it’s getting boring and boring, I’m not really ready for the Knights of Cygnus yet since that’s a complete separate chapter.  I really don’t want to try out the new Flame Wizard class, I’m not excited for that, i really want to try out the Night Walker and Wind Breaker. I’ll hope they will be coming these weeks!

As for the new MapleStory game, i can’t wait to see it! Tomorrow the GSTAR convention will start and lot of visitors will be coming and also a lot of game companies will be revealing their games. By the way, KMS is getting 2x EXP and 2x DROP from November 12th till November 16th, they are doing this for the school students because they already have a lot on their hands with exams and other things.
Unfortunately i won’t be be able to attend those days, I’m not sure. Here’s the timetable:

timetableSo Wednesday there will be 2x EXP, Thursday 2x EXP & Drop, Friday 2x Drop, Saturday 2x EXP and on Sunday 2x Drop. But i know that after this upcoming patch more greater stuff will be expected.  I know that Elin Forest will get an update, but when i dont know. We’ll see the upcoming weeks.

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2 Responses to What now?

  1. NarutoMyth says:

    WOW europe only just got zakum?! thats amazing 0_0

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