Wizet’s new MMORPG: Kavatina Story

This could be the MapleStory 3D game (remember, it had an unofficial name). Nexon Korea is planning to reveal more details and content about Kavatina Story at the GSTAR 2008 convention on November 13th. Signup for Closed Beta starts at 13th till 19th, they’ll announce winners on the 20th of November. Expect more news when Closed Beta starts. ;-)

URL: http://kavatina.nexon.com/teaser/page/nx.aspx

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4 Responses to Wizet’s new MMORPG: Kavatina Story

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  2. Thomas says:

    When will this be released in the U.S. like Maple Story Global?

  3. minhanh says:

    lol its gonna take so long to get to america.
    at least 2 years x]

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