KMST 1.2.175 – Soul Master arrived

Another Knight of the Cygnus Order has arrived in Korean MapleStory; the Soul Master job is available for testing.
You still can advance to a Striker, luckily the Character Slot coupon was on sale for 0 NX, so everyone could buy it and extend his/her slots by three.

So the Soul Master is not the only thing that came in KMST 1.2.175, another job was added which is the Flame Wizard. However, the skill data of the Flame Wizard job is still not complete.

If you know nothing about the Knights of Cygnus, please read this so you know where it is about:

I’m currently training a Soul Master from Lv. 1. So far i’m impressed with this class, the 소울 (Soul) skill is pretty good for training, it attacks fast. Soul is the only new skill in the 1st job of a Soul Master. I haven’t gotten to 2nd job and 3rd yet.

Soul Master:

1st Job:
Improving Max HP Increase
Iron Body
– Power Strike
– Slash Blast
– Soul

2nd job:
Sword Mastery
– Sword Booster
– Final Attack
– Rage
– Soul Blade
– Soul Runner

3rd job:
– Improving MP Recovery
– Combo Attack
– Panic
– Coma
– Brandish
– Advanced Combo Attack
– Soul Blow
– Soul Charge

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