MapleStory going 3D

So i was browsing around and suddenly i found an interesting article on, this website contains Korean game news. I found an interesting NEW article about MapleStory, not specifically about the current state of the game but about going 3D.
Here is the article in Korean:

Here are some highlights:

1. GSTAR 2008, which will begin on November 13th, Nexon will reveal the 3D version of MapleStory.
(GSTAR is a convention/game show →
2. According to game industries on 23rd, Nexon will reveal MapleStory 3D, Project Star, and Project Neo (Kart Rider’s sequel).
On the 23th, according to industry circles, Nexon was found to be planning to reveal MapleStory’s sequel MapleStory 3D (unofficial name), a new type of online game combining the game and the web Project Star, A sequel to Kart Rider Project Neo in ‘GSTAR 2008’.
4. On the other hand, Nexon, under the influence of Wizet studio, is making MapleStory 2 in the ‘MS2 Team’ separate from Maple Story 3D. MS2 was revealed to be an acronym for ‘Maple Story 2’.

EDIT: There are no screenshots of MapleStory 3D at the moment, some of you post screenshots of Punch Monster, which is not MapleStory 3D!

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6 Responses to MapleStory going 3D

  1. Rigumaro says:

    2 things:

    1.Why??? Why now that they are improving MS1 a lot with new jobs? I hope they transfer accounts or something xD

    2. You said in previous post that in a Nexon interview they said something about a “very big update next summer 2009. Maybe they meant this O_o

  2. ZIAH says:

    i want maple story 3d setup, plz i want play T.T

  3. FreaKKerZ-Orbis (aka NeO) says:

    Although it is great to go into 3D. What are the system requirements to run this game?
    The Old MS gameplay in 2D was quite smooth even on obsolete GFx card (ie GeForce Mx2 or so), even Pentium 2 CPUs could handle it.

    Hmmm…Maybe the basic requirements would be:

    CPU – Intel P4 Dual Core (P4 Core 2 Duo/Quad)
    GFX – Nvidia 8600GT 256MB [ATi not supported] (Nvidia 9800GT 512mb or
    higher for PhyX engine)
    RAM – 512MB(XP), 1GB(Vista)
    HDD – 160GB (Installation takes up to about 4GB including
    patches and updates)
    Sound – Onboard support (Creative X-Fi for Dolby 5.1 channels)
    LAN – 512Kbps (3Mbps or higher)

    Dun quote me, this is juz reference.

  4. Settor49 says:

    This is a clear case of sneakery, because when you are doing a turn about the room and checking whether the students are obviously cheating by bringing in essays they intend to copy out, this one does not look significantly different. ,

  5. NarutoMyth says:

    wats the point in 3D maplestory? 0.o

  6. FlashinBucc says:

    Oh great, I thought they forgot about that. =( Maybe it will be good though, but unless the two games have drastic changes (other than 2D-3D) it will seem better on the 2D version IMO.
    The point (Above poster) will most likely be run around and hit some enemies with a stick for four hours to see the screen light up and say “LEVEL UP!”

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