Shark Attack!

I (Rom and TJ too) advanced to level 70 as a Striker . And i just couldn’t believe it that the 3rd job of Striker has 4th job skills in it… This makes the Striker totally powerful if the main character has a high level. It has Wind Booster and Fist, the other skills are Energy Drain, Critical Punch, Transform, Shockwave, Shark Wave and Spark.

3rd job skills of a Striker

3rd job skills of a Striker

3rd job skills of a Striker

3rd job skills of a Striker

Level 70!

I must say, Shark Wave has a very long range. It’s a very powerful skill and i just love the animation and it’s fast!

Shack Attack!

Caution: Shack Attack!


Deadly Sharks...

However, i’m not glad that they got Fist and Wind Booster, i know their highest level is Lv. 120 but wouldn’t they be overpowered? I’m excited to see the other 4 classes.

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5 Responses to Shark Attack!

  1. Luis says:

    Shark animation is awesome. About damage, I guess is only lvl 1, plus your equips aren’t good. But, it knocks back monsters like Bowmaster’s dragon? Because if they do, I’d be disappointed.

  2. Passerby says:

    Uh… How do you advance as a striker?

  3. spadow says:

    @Luis: It does not knock back monsters like Dragon Pulse.

    @Passerby: In KMST you advance through Mr.Goldstein, but i predict that in KMS, you would have to advance either by talking to the respective Job Representative, and that you can turn into a Noblesse if you talk to Empress Cygnus in her Kingdom. So maybe we’ll see a whole new area (Kingdom) where the 5 Job Representatives, Nineheart and the Empress will be.

  4. Passerby says:


    Another question: Since sharks doesn’t knockback like DP, does that mean it is a highly spammable ranged mob skill for a melee character like strikers?

  5. spadow says:

    @Passerby: Possibly, there is no real delay in it, you can spam it if you want.

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