KMST 1.2.172 (2)

So i played a bit with the Striker class, in my opinion it’s a bit boring but it could turn out in a powerful Pirate!
Till my surprise they have some 3rd Job skills placed in the 2nd Job. So which skills? Energy Charge and Energy Buster, but the maximum level of Energy Charge isn’t 40 but 20 in the Striker class.

Using my Lightning skill to attack

Using the Lightning skill to attack

Like i said, this class could turn powerful. Here is some clarification about it: The highest level a Striker can reach is Lv. 120 for now. Each level up will be given 6 Ability Points to those who joined the Order of Cynus. Your Striker class is linked to your main character that requested to join the Order of Cygnus, this is required to get more points into the ”Blessing of the Sprite” skill, you just get a higher level for your Noblesse character depending on the level of your main character. This Blessing of the Sprite skill adds W.ATK, M.ATK, Accuracy and Avoidability.  Level 20 (maximum level) adds 20 W.ATK, 30 M.ATK and +20 Accuracy and Avoidability.

Blessing of the Sprite skill is passive and it is present on BOTH characters. Every 10 levels on the linked character means 1 SP added to the Blessing of the Sprite skill. For example: My main character is Lv. 150 (it’s linked to the Order character), then on both characters my Blessing of the Sprite level is 15.

So if the character that created the Order character already has a high level, then an Order character can be powerful already from the beginning.

Another skill that is available to use in 2nd Job is Lightning Charge, this skill adds the Lightning element to a knuckle for a set amount of time. Other skills ”Critical Punch”, ”Spark” and ”Shark Wave” are not available to 2nd job, so I’ll guess these skills will be available when you advanced to 3rd job.

Lightning Charge

Lightning Charge

Here is the Level 20 Energy Charge i was talking about:
So, the current level of Energy Charge is 10 as you can see, which means it adds +10 Avoidability, +10 Accuracy, +100% damage, +15 Attack and it lasts for 40 seconds. This is equal to Lv. 20 Energy Charge for Buccaneers!


Maximum Lv. Energy Charge: 20

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4 Responses to KMST 1.2.172 (2)

  1. Passerby says:

    They look kinda weak.. Is the summon any good?

  2. spadow says:

    I have Lightning maxed, it does around 200-300 damage maximum, but the main character it’s linked to is only level 1, so you could imagine that it’s weak at the moment.

  3. john says:

    how do u do dis quest?
    시계탑 몬스터 소탕작전 : 고스트헌터 밥, 레벨 59 이상

  4. bnbn1382 says:

    I used to play KMS since I am Korean, but someone stole all my mesos worth 50 dollars in Korea “Itembay”.
    So I quit.
    But, Cygnus is actually stronger than other characters. (since max level is 120)
    If you do carnival with them, level 40 = level 50 (of original character) damage

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