KMST 1.2.172 – Order of Cygnus and Halloween!

OK! A new job is available in Tespia, new Cash Shop items are added, new medals, Halloween Party and lots of more!

Here’s sort of a preview of Cash Shop (note: You don’t see the teddy bear in the ”NEW” part, because i bought it)

Luckily, you don’t have to level up to 30 (Update: now it’s changed to 20), you can just click your way to level 120 at Mr.Goldstein!
There is an Order called Knights of Cygnus.

The Order? That’s an organization of people who pledge loyalty to Empress Cygnus. The original name is the Order of Cygnus, but it’s commonly shortened to the Order.

Though they pledge loyalty to an Empress, they aren’t people that form kingdoms or desire power. Their goal is one; to work together with the Empress to defend the Maple World from the Black Magician.

Right now in the Maple World, there are numerous signs that the Black Magician, who led the world into the path of destruction, is about to appear again. The minions of the Black Magician are showing up, also.

The Black Magician hasn’t appeared yet… but it would be too late to prepare after he does. The Order is collecting information on the Black Magician, and defeating his minions and becoming stronger earlier on.

The Empress will definitely appear to the surface soon. When that happens, she will officially recruit for the Order. Before that, how about a preview of it? If you’re interested, it wouldn’t be so bad to try becoming an Order member.

Are you ready to fight for the Empress? Then I’ll turn you into a Knight of the Order of Cygnus.

Thanks to ZYXWVUT for the accurate translation.

To be recruited as a Knight, your main character has to be above Lv. 30. After that, you will get to choose what class you want to be (listed below).
There are 5 classes:
소울마스터 (Soul Master)
– 플레임위자드 (Flame Wizard)
– 윈드브레이커 (Windbreaker)
– 나이트워커 (Night Walker)
– 스트라이커 (Striker)

Mihile/Mikhail, Warrior of Light (Soul Master)
A swordsman with the Light Sprite. Turns the power of the Sprite into a soul form, and imbues it within the sword to use it.
Oz, Magician of Fire (Flame Wizard)
A magician with the Fire Sprite. Amplifies the power of the Sprite with magic to wield it.
Irina, Archer of Wind (Wind Breaker)
A bowman with the Wind Sprite. Loads the power of the Sprite into the bow to shoot powerful arrows.
Icarut/Ikart, Thief of Darkness (Nightwalker)
A thief with the Darkness Sprite. Not only is the power of the Sprite used,
but is capable of handling powerful poison.
Hawkeye, Pirate of Lightning (Striker)
A pirate with the Lightning Sprite. Awakens the entire body with the power of the Sprite,
and uses powerful bodily skills.

여제 시그너스 (Empress Cygnus) – A young and loyal Empress that actually is an Empress of the whole Maple World…
나인하트 (Nineheart)A tactician/strategist, a person who makes plans and strategies and gives advice to the Empress.
신수 (Shin Su)This mystical creature is referred as a Holy Beast of Eleb.

Only the Striker is available for testing at the moment, so we can already expect MORE skills! I will test the Striker a bit later, i don’t have time now.
So for now you can only test the Elemental Pirate also known as Striker. In the data of 1.2.172 I’ve found some new NPCs or NPC art:












Empress Cygnus

Empress Cygnus

Knights of Cygnus

Knights of Cygnus

To be continued…

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  2. Sparky242 says:

    I think Mihile might be “Miheel.” The German form of Michael. I think o.O

  3. Somebudy says:

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t German. They are all originated probably from Korea

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