Protect Ludibrium

I logged on MapleStory today, i was a bit bored, had nothing to do. Training is boring, so i decided to prepare myself for Papulatus.

Yesterday i was busy already with gathering the 300 tachions, i needed 150 more and 100 Mysterious Powder.
It took me very long to get the 150 tachions of yesterday already, so i asked a guild member of Sleepywood if she could help me with the Protect Ludibrium quest.
After i got the remaining 150 tachions from Soul Teddies and Master Soul Teddies, me and my guild member went to MDTs. (Master Death Teddies)

Seriously, it took me around 25 minutes to get 100 Mysterious Powder of those bad boys! I nearly died, and my guild member already died once from MDTs.
We finished both the quest, we both already had a Piece of Cracked Dimension which means we completed the Time Sphere quest. Our next goal was to get ourselves two Ludibrium medals, one for me and one for her.

Finishing the Time Sphere quest

We decided not to go to Thanatos, because Thanatos is way stronger than Gatekeeper. :P
So i start walking and suddenly this big Gatekeeper stunned me, so i immediately press the potion button as fast as possible not to die, hmm… This time i actually didn’t die! So my guild member got me a Ludibrium Medal and i tried helping her, but my accuracy is still low to actually 100% hit a Gatekeeper but frankly i died…

I got the Ludibrium Medal! Papulatus, watch out!

After i died, i quickly took the Bullet Taxi (it takes me to the place where Mr.Bouffon, the Shop lady and Flo are). It took my guild member 5 minutes to get her Ludibrium Medal, so we tried out Papulatus, but it failed miserably. We can survive the run, but it i only have 4k HP and Papulatus deals 3,XXX damage maximum.

I died, but next time Papulatus will die~

It was fun, this was mainly a test run to see how far we got, but you can see the results yourself. Next time, i will host a guild-only run. But we desperately need a Priest/Bishop. To be continued…

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