Level 80! Snack Bar, here i come!

Yay! Finally level 80, which means 40 more levels for Viper! I finished the last 5% thanks to Gaga’s quest. Unfortunately the event will end in 2 days. :(

As i became level 80, i got 1 new Maker quest, 4 Leafre quests and 1 World Tour (Xi Men Ding) quest. One quest is important for me, which is the Xi Men Ding quest. It allows me to fight the Night Market boss: Snack Bar. Yeah it has a funny name, but this boss is deadly!

Name: Snack Bar
Level: 85
HP: 5000 1st form & 230000 2nd form
MP: 10 1st form &1000 2nd form
Avoidability: 10 1st form & 40 2nd form
KB: 1 1st form & 5000 2nd form
EXP: 4,230

So i went to Henesys and talked to Spinel and said i wanted to visit Xi Men Ding. I hopped on my mount and quickly went to Joo Geul Gun and he gave me a Music Box, he said to me he wanted me to bring it to Judy in Night Market.

The music box

So i talked to Judy and gave her the Music Box, and completed it. After i completed it, Judy had another quest available for me…

So Judy told me i had to go to Christine in Night Market. She told me some about a necklace, to proceed with the quest I’ll have to visit Grandpa’s Fruit Store.

Grandpa’s Fruit Store said to me he wanted 50 Orange Mushroom dolls from those Vending Machines, they’re quite annoying. They have 2 forms: 1st form is easy to kill and hits you around 160; 2nd form hits you around 360!!

Ka-ching! Quest completed.

Getting 50 Orange Mushroom dolls is a pain in the ass, with such low drop rate. >.< And that for 23.8k EXP, sheeeshhhh!

Back to the main topic: SNACK BAR!
Snack Bar’s 1st form gave me 2222 touch damage! He also has this Beam attack similar to Pianus’s Beam attack.

Anyway, i got the quest item i needed (necklace) aaaand i got a scroll from it!

Snack Bar’s 1st form

Beam of Death

My reward for killing Snack Bar!

Back to Xi Men Ding i completed the final piece at Joo Geul Gun, he gave me Strawberry Earrings, 2 Fame and 47,200 EXP.

PS: Level 80, hooray!

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