Adventures in KMST!

So i didn’t got selected as an official tester, but someone (a very kind and sweet girl whose a friend of mine) gave me access to her account info @ KMST.

So yeah, in the beginning there was 5x EXP & Drop then a couple hours later it got raised to 10x EXP & Drop, the 10x is permanent for now. I got lots of Monster Book cards, this is awesome though.

Till my surprise it has only 1 server at the moment, back in round 3 it had 3 servers which had more capacity (although in round 3 there were some big, great updates!).

So i logged on KMST and clicked my character and immediately leveled my way to 30. Yes! You need to be level 30 if you want to be able to click Mr.Goldstein and level up per click. It took me 5 hours to get to level 30 with 5x EXP and later with 10x EXP. The current Tespia server has only 2 channels: channel 1 and channel 20 for adults. I don’t know when they’re expanding their capacity.

I decided that my primary character on KMST should be a Viper, so i advanced to Viper, quickly went to Nautilus Port to talk to Kairin to get Super Transform, 3 quests are still remaining which are Demolition, Snatch and Time Leap. I’m not worried, they’re easy to get. Now what i’m concentrating on is to explore the new updates and find bugs.

So far it’s going good, i only need to get myself some level 100 equipment, i already got 2 Time Fragments, you can use these Time Fragments to create Timeless equipment (level 120 equipment). So my goal for now is to get pot money and get myself come equipment and then just hunt for valuable items.

There is still no sign of patch 1.2.170 which should conclude new updates (i’m very excited!!). I have a feeling another new Time Period area is gonna arrive, like Elin Forest. However, Elin Forest is NOT completed! There is still an unreleased Basement map, so stay tuned for updates!

PS: I got to level 79 on KMS!!! I’ll be posting screenshots with a female character, in real life i’m a male!

See below for some KMST screenshots:

Yeah! Level 79. 1 more for 80~

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2 Responses to Adventures in KMST!

  1. NarutoMyth says:

    gratz on the drop i think its called heveans gate im such a ms nerd now i can even remember the weapons name without knowing it xD >.>

  2. RubiiGameZ says:

    WOAH NICE!!!!!!! Hope u read this comment i am a Global Ms Player Though Awesome PICS HD i c :3 U made a private server?

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