Level 76!

I leveled to 76 thanks to Gaga’s event quest, Gaga (가가) is an event NPC and he always has exciting great events!
This event quest gave me 168,000 EXP, and it’s repeatable every hour!! All you have to do is collect hay and donate them to Gaga and if his gauge shows there is 7/10 of hay donated, the egg will drop potions and silver feathers.

You need these silver feathers, they’re one-of-a-kind and untradeable, when you talk to Gaga and give
him the silver feather, you’ll gain +1 fame and EXP (EXP is based on level, at Lv. 75 i got 168,000 EXP)
When you completed the quest, you can pick another silver feather if they’re still laying on the ground, but you must wait one hour to complete the quest again.

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